13cms on GM/SS-007, SS-060 & SS-070 - 24th June

Hi again,

Just a wee advanced notice that the above ABW are being activated on 13cms tomorrow - Sunday 24th June. Alerts have been posted on SOTAWatch_Alerts, and for further info checkout GM13/MESSAGES.

Gl es 73


What a jolly day!

1st 5 qsos all 2m FM S2S QSOs

5x 13cms QSOs

MM0GLM/p SS-060 21km
2M0IPO IO??? ~50km
GM4GUF IO85EP 99km
GM4COX/p SS-070 116km
G4VFL/p G/LD-045 216km <<<<<<< :rocket: :sunny: :smile:

Andrew G4VFL was an easy 51 signal. Easy to find on the dial and antenna heading.

WX was stunning, sky seems to be far too blue for Scotland :slight_smile:

Antennas on GM/SS-007 (995mASL)
Trapped EFHW for 40/30/20.
13cms double-double-quad.

Blue sky here also ! but not such a pretty picture looks out to the Solway.

200 km plus QSO antenna at this end was the 12 ele Yagi.

I made it to lunch just 10 min late.

73 de
Andrew G4VFL

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Having set my ODX with Andrew on Sunday at 216km, I have just smashed the distance by working OZ1FF in JO45BO on 13cms at 730km distance. He was 59+++.



Just back from G/CE-004 Bardon Hill where OZ1FF was my first of 18 contacts for the evening. ONLY 690km for me, but very happy with that.
GM’s were just starting to come in when the contest finished, so heard a few but didn’t work any.

Ooooh, well done. OZ5SHF beacon was 55 for a long time and that 829km. It only runs 10W unlike Kjeld OZ1FF who has 200W to a moderate dish antenna. I’ve charged the batteries and have all the uwave stuff in a grab bag ready for tonight if it’s still Tropo Heaven. Looks like it’s still going on 23cms.