1384 Km

That was an interesting late afternoon

Three Sota,s on at once 2 on 40m and 1 on 20m all approx from 1384 km from my QTH but each one entering the grey line within 1/2hr of each other. When on 40m like to see the distance between us and found this interesting fact of the distance from me nigh one being almost the same give one or two KM.

OK/LI-007 40m 15:56hrs utc 4/5 4/1
OE/KT-164 20m 16:00hrs utc 5/8 5/8
OK/LI-007 40m 16:05hrs utc 5/7 :scream: Signed off went QRT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :cry:
Probably getting dark time to go. :anguished:

Yet had another one roughly same distance from me this morning from OK/LI-008 but not being heard :anguished: