1296 MHz Antenna for SOTA?

Hi folks

Looking for ideas for a homebrew portable 23 cm antenna. I don’t fancy carrying a 10el yagi through the Aussie scrub. Anyone have a practicle antenna solution for 23cm SOTA?

73 Andrew VK1AD

Make one of these, about 9dBd gain.


There were some 23cm antenna ideas on another thread.
I use this one hand held. Got me 200+ KM on 1 W of FM at Easter.


I have one of those PC board Yagi antennas. Went to the local surplus store yesterday to get the parts to connect it to my vintage Yaesu FT-911 HT which makes a massive 1 W on 1.2 GHz.

I’ll post when I have the whole contraption soldered and working.

These are great little antennas from WA5VJB. 6 dB for $6 US.



It looks a bit fragile to be stuffed into a backpack or even attached to the front side of the pack. It needs something to protect the quads. Perspex perhaps?

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Looks to me like it is mounted on the inside of a plastic sandwich box cover… sneeky


This is mine:


It straps on the outside of the rucksack and it’s not fragile :slight_smile:


You mean like this when packed with the 23cms handy and cables etc.



Ok now I see how it’s constructed. Very neat!

Neat Andy, and nice carpet too! :grin:

I use the WA5VJB PCB Yagi like Compton’s most of the time. It’s 3db less gain than the double quad but 30db less volume!

Thanks for the feedback. Some good examples of homebrew 23cm antennas and construction techniques to consider.

73 Andrew VK1AD

My 23cm mb handmade antenna.


Hi folks

I said I didn’t fancy carrying a 10el yagi around the Aussie scrub, well I constructed a 12el 23cm Yagi to carry around Aussie peaks with little to no scrub. The design is a DL6WU for 1296 MHz using VK5DJs Yagi Calculator.

The boom is 18 x 18 mm Wester Red Cedar, reflector and director elements are 3.1 mm dia aluminum rod, driven element is 2 mm copper wire and the balun is RG316. I will post construction details on my blog in the next day or so.

Homebrew 1296 MHz 12el DL6WU Yagi by VK1AD


Hi Andrew,

Very neat construction! Moreover, you have used recyclable material for the boom to keep the CO2 footprint low!

This conversation about 23 cm antennas for SOTA started right when I wanted to buy a new VHF/UHF handheld and it prompted me to go for an Alinco tribander! I will have a 23 cm antenna soon, thinking about a double quad, MFM design in a lunch box.

73 Heinz

Hi folks

Today from Big Badja VK2/SM-059 (QF43SX) using a SG-Lab 23 cm transverter and a homebrew 23cm 12el yagi, I worked Dave VK2DJS (QF46PV) on SSB over a distance of 324 km. My best long distance 23cm contact in only four weeks of operating on 23 cm. :slight_smile:

The signal had mulitpath characteristics with an obvious audio ‘flutter’ indicating possible aircraft enhancement AE.

FT-817 IF feeding a SG-Lab 23cm transverter 2.5 watts

view south from Big Badja VK2/SM-059

view north beaming at Dave VK2JDS from Big Badja

73, Andrew VK1AD


I would put money on it!

Great performance considering the low power from these transverters (and good ears at VK2DJS).
What was used at the other end?

Based on the photo Dave sent me, just after the QSO, plus reading his QRZ page, it would appear Dave is using a 4.6 metre dish. His 23cm station is at 940 metres ASL


Andrew VK1AD

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Dave VK2JDS is an experienced EME operator on 1296.