12 may '19 VGB-165

Yesterday I activated a “vértice geodésico” on the top of the summit. 26C temp and sunny day makes me the day.

Hi Jon,
Nice weather and nice views of the Montserrat range in your last pic.
One question: was this a SOTA activation or was it just a vertice for the DVGE programme one? If it was SOTA, which was the reference put on air?


Hi again,
After some research, I’ve seen that the vértice you activated yesterday is not a SOTA.
This is the map with the exact location of VGB-165:

And this is the SOTA map of that same area:

We can see the peak that you activated inside the red ring.

If we zoom out a bit on the SOTA map, we can see the location of some SOTA peaks around the vértice that you activated yesterday:

I see no point in posting here, the SOTA Reflector, an activation of something different to a SOTA summit and I’m afraid the SOTA Managment Team will not be happy with such non-SOTA activation reports here in the future.
My advise is that you better publish this activation report on a DVGE dedicated site, in case there’s any, which I don’t know.



Yes , was only VGEA program, not Sota. I posted It because It is a mountain radio activity, but no problem if moderators baan the post.

Next post that I will create in a future will be about Sota program only.

Tnx for notice

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