11/08/2018 Pizzo Stella I/LO-025

Hi Oms!
Today, I woke up at 0300 utc (0500 local), the weather was clear and I decided to go to Pizzo Stella I/LO-025 3163mt. I drove from Lecco to Fraciscio 1400mt, at about 0500utc I started the hiking to the summit. I reached the top at 0815 utc.
A few minute later I started to calling cq.
During the activation lots of people asked me: “what are you doing?” making me lose concentration both in transmitting and in receiving…

Some pics

Chiavenna hut

Panorama during climb up

setup antenna

comfortable sofa and table

Panorama Val di Lej

Thanks at All
Roberto IW2OBX


Well done Roberto! I heard you very weak from Dolomiti with a simple wire as antenna in the balcony in 10 MHz…But no qso. Ciao!

Well done Roberto, congratulations on the first activation of Pizzo Stello. I was lucky to get you in my log, good signal on 30 m on 400 km distance!

73, Mirko

@IK2LEY Hi Fabio, unfortunately I didn’t hear you, see you soon!
@S52CU Hi Mirco, also your signal was strong and stable.