10m Sporadic E

Just a reminder that there is often 10m Sporadic E about at the time of year. This is a handy resource for looking at what you have missed/are missing:


I have just set up a 10m system at our factory to see how the SpE develops (no data so far as it has only just been switched on).


73 Richard G3CWI


Sporadic E is certainly producing some contacts in the Southern Hemisphere. And quite intense, producing very short distances on even 20m, I heard Gerard vk2io at about 250km last weekend.

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There have been plenty of short-lived SpE openings on 10m this week. On occasion, 6m has been open too.


Well its normal for Es in down under its summer there in it.

Yes been few reports last few days of Es even 6m was effected up in northern hemisphere and yes it does occur in mid winter. But no where the strength it has in summer times

Many time i get good inter G here 300km or lesser via Es on 20m.
Es brill stuff so unpredictable .


Some digital mode operators on 6m worked across the Pacific into the US today.

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Happy New Year, Richard,
I caught a good opening on 10m last December 28th at around 11h utc.
Worked DM500RT in Germany and OJ9X later, both with very good signals.
I remember copying also some of the europena stations working with them.

Can’t wait to get my WSPRLite to start playing and collecting data with it.
I was emailed a few days ago that it had been shipped so I guess it will get here sometime this week.
Best 73,



the sporadic-E site has been very useful. However now, latest data i can view are from January 12 morning time.
Is this going to be updated again?

73 de Bruno HB9CBR

Hi Carl,

Correct. 6 m has provided multi-hop E’s into South America every other day for top stations and every day to VK4 (1,500 km) with some double hop stuff to ZL and VK6 for the rest of us. Suva and the Philippines have also been worked by many VK’s. HOWEVER, mostly these contacts have only been possible using FT8. Last night the E’s layer provided contacts on 2 m into northern ZL, about 2.3k km, on SSB.

Some interesting possibilities for 6 m and 10 m SOTA ops.

It will fall away at the end of this month I expect.


Yum, yum, yum! :smile: