10m EDZ antenna

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Now that the solar cycle is really ramping up, I’m thinking of making a extended double zepp for 10m. Has anyone tried this and or used one? I see QRP guys makes a 1:1 balun kit.

I found this article below. Still trying to see if 300ohm ladder line would be a better (lighter choice) albeit maybe no as efficient as 450ohm?



You can also feed a resonant dipole with a 300 Ohm feeder line.

Normally you use a 1:6 balun to match the impedance and to get from the symmetrical line to the asymmetrical 50 Ohm antenna input.

Alternatively you adjust the feeder line to the frequency… by selecting the appropriate length. / measure it out.

For me this would be much too much effort for a pure 10m application with a SOTA activity.

I would build a 10m Flowerpot,
fix it at the top and push it up with the telescopic mast.


Then you still have the advantage of a flat radiating omnidirectional antenna. I think for QRP application I would make it with RG174.

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Instead of viewing that as a 10m EDZ antenna, look at it as the classic 44ft doublet, aka “NorCal Doublet”. This is a very popular antenna, and you’ll still have all that gain on 10M and it will work fine on 40-12M as well. You need to use a feedline length that won’t create matching problems with your tuner (i.e., 22ft plus feedline length x VF is not a multiple of 1/2L). You can use 450-ohm, 300-ohm or other balanced lines. I’ve used CAT5e twisted pair (PTFE insulated) as a superlight option and it worked well, although 300-ohm would be lower loss. Good luck!

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Thanks barry!

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I tried 1, worked best riggged horizontally.



Of course! :blush:

If you don’t want to have a matched antenna on a specific band and you like to use a tuner, there are plenty of good options here… in all possible lengths and radiation patterns.

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