10m Australia > California

I’ve never worked Australiala but 10m is open here. Any takers?

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What’s your favourite mode ? I have worked a couple stations from USA who were on summits, but I was at work when your msg came through on the reflector .
Remember vk home stations legally can only run 120 w on CW and 400 w on ssb I am only a 100 w station at home and qrp as an activator .
vk5cz@bigpond.com is my email
hope to hear you 73 de Ian vk5cz …

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Hi OM,
Listen for the Hf beacons on 28.200. If you can hear the ZL and VK6 IARU time sequenced beacons the band is open to VK. There are other beacons on the 10 m band you could listen for.

Good luck,

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I prefer ssb but can do cw at about 5 wpm
i am qrp 5w only, but have worked NZ several times.

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Today I hung up my Vee-Beam replacement antenna for NA & AF. Another rhombic :slight_smile:

I needed a NA antenna as I have worked only one NA summit. Most of my antennas were damaged last winter so it’s good to be able to hear in more then one direction again.

12m is my hunting ground but if the bands open I’ll look for you on 10m. I also hang out in here alot http://www.obriensweb.com/sked/index.php?board=lotw