10m & 6m is open to EU - USA

While listening for IW3AGO/P on 28505 (No skip) I just worked N4RLD in Atlanta, Georgia 1130z on 28505 KHz SSB 57 both ways both stations using a Hexbeam. It sounded like F layer propagation to me.

Good DX

73 Phil

PS 13:20z Now well open to USA east side on 50.313 MHz FT8 band full of stations


Hi Phil,
Thanks for the info, but it seems that openning doesn’t reach my latitude.
After 10 minutes CQing on 28.028 with 100W on my 4el yagi beaming to NA, I’ve only got one single RBN spot from an English skimmer and not a single call for a QSO.
I’m QRT on that frequency for now.


10m maybe open to the US but… working 2M0KZN/P on Lochnagar GM/ES-008 with the handy and its rubber duck from upstairs and getting a complete after waiting 7 years is much better :slight_smile:

Interesting 130km path profile, needs Earth curvature to show how not LOS that path is.

Back to 10m reports now.


Congrats for that unexpected complete made with a HH and rubber duck antenna.

Hi, congrats, i saw the spots but NIL here in Cologne (JO30MX). Bute never the less intersting skip today.

Best 73’s

I’ve taken to checking reversebeacon.net (RBN) to find our where a trans-oceanic activator’s been spotter before going hunting, ads more often than not the skimmers hearing the activator are somewhat clustered around it. I figure if there’s even just one skimmer this side of the ocean hearing an activator then I stand half a chance, but if none are then my chances are slim…

This information is no good to me Phil. It’s 11 days after the 12-10-6m Challenge flavour - AND is chucking it down. Bah humbug.

I’d bet my house that it’s multi hop Es Phil :crazy_face:

I would not take that bet! :smiley:

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Yes, almost certainly no F layer engaged in that fest. I think the F layer is on holidays. Or is in lockdown. :slight_smile:

When it opened on 6m and I look at the WWV figures I realised also it was likely multi op Es also. The 10m signals on SSB were so steady and lasted it sounded like F2.

73 Phil

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You have a perfectly good 6m antenna at home.

This is true. But totally out of context - please remember what reflector you are on.

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Ten metres is remarkably busy today - of course, a contest is on…

Plenty of IK, IS0, EA, S5, 9A, HA, OM, LZ, YO, E7 etc worked on 6m during my Cloud activation this morning. Mixture of SSB and CW, just using vertical with groundplane antenna.

Was going to “make hay” on FT8 but I got a small static shock from the case of the 817. The skies were largely clear at the time, but thunder was forecast in an adjacent area for later on in the day. So I took the hint and packed up!

Six contacts on 2m FM when I then went over to Gun - all from people drinking and dining al fresco outside the Winking Man pub on the other side of The Roaches!

I’ve never drunk at that pub, but I have climbed “The Winking Man”!

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Very similar condx this afternoon. 6m netting contacts into OH, HA, I, G, F, EA, DL, OE, OK.

The Cloud G/SP/015:

6m FT8 - 22 QSOs
6m FT4 - 1 QSO
2m FM - 4 QSOs

Gun G/SP-013:

2m FM - 1 QSO