10m & 12m Propagation

With an eye on the 1st December and the Flavours Challenge (6m, 10m, 12m DEcember 1st-7th) I wanted to report that DX propagation is still very good on 12m and 10m - the last VK station I worked on 10m was VK1AD/P using SSB on 10/02/2016 and today I worked another at 1045z, albeit it was VK6EI on FT8 in Western Australia who has a well equipped station. So despite the SFI falling from 94 on 07/11/20 to 77 today, DX propagation is still possible on 10m. Probably unlikely to be good enough for SOTA at QRP levels but possible… 12m has been much more reliable and open on some mornings to the far east and Australia recently when 10m has been closed to that part of the world.

73 Phil G4OBK


Sounds like a challenge! I’ll be giving it my best shot anyway…

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FT8 on 24 mhz is raging here worked 40 JA stations during the day and lots of EU during my evening. Gave up at 10pm the other night as it was bed time but the band was still open. That was from home of course using 40w and a small HB 7 el log periodic 24to50 mhz. Might be different on a summit with a dipole and QRP. Run the auto cq on cw on 24 mhz the same day thinking some JA cw ops may have been about but not one for me. I check SW3 for activity every day to see who is out and about.
Ian vk5cz …

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