10k S2S in VK1

Yesterday, with the assistance of my good SOTA friend Andrew VK1DA I achieved the S2S milestone of 10,000 S2S points by activating Big Badja VK2/SM-059 and chasing Bald Mountain VK2/SM-052.

I’d like to thank all of the activators who appear in my S2S log, who through their own achievements have helped my crack 10k S2S.

Pics from a very wet Big Badja.


Andrew VK1AD


Hi Andrew,

Big congrats !

73, Jarek

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Congratulations! A milestone. Hope to work you.

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Congratulations Andrew, that summit does not look very comfortable on a windy wet day. Had a check for you and the other Andrew yesterday but 40m was up to its old tricks. Well done all the same.
Ian vk5cz …


Well done! What an achievement.

Managed to get vk1da in the log a couple of times over the weekend but missed your activation. Looks like you had very similar weather to me … though I guess a few degrees warmer.

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Congratulations Andrew on your achievement. Well done. :+1:

Cheers to you :beers:

Regards- Geoff vk3sq

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A great milestone to reach, Andrew.

Congratulations and 73
Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Very good effort, congratulations.

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Congratulations, Andrew! Especially in the wet… :droplet:
73 Steven

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Congratulations Andrew, that is a great achievement!
Geoff ZL3GA

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Some details of the day’s operations.

We drove first to Bald Mt. I got out of the car with all my gear and walked up the remaining minor incline to set up my station. It was fairly thick fog. Andrew VK1AD (pay attention) drove the next 10 km to reach Big Badja Mt and walked up from the car park to the summit, finding it virtually bare due to the fires in 2019/2020.
When we were both ready for our first contact we made that using 2m FM, then moved to ssb on 144.200 to work vk1di/p, vk1mbe/p, VK1RX/p, vk1MA, vk1MF and VK2DO, then VK2HRX at Mt Burngoogee near Mittagong, somewhat further north.

After making enough contacts on 2m, we both moved to HF bands and I made contacts on CW on 40 and 20m. Conditions at Big Badja were not seeming too good and vk1ad did not make the usual number of contacts into ZL or even around VK on either 20 or 40m.

Then he packed up at Badja and returned to Bald Mt where he used my station to activate that summit.
By then we were both wet from the rain and were glad enough to pack up and get back into the car, driving back to Canberra via Captains Flat, an old mining town southeast of Canberra.

Pics below show Andrew VK1AD on arrival back at Bald Mt and operating the VK1DA station there. The rectangular loop used for all the contacts on 2m ssb is visible in the second photo.

Andrew VK1DA


Well done Andrew,
Your great achievement is very deserving & it’s always a pleasure to work you.


Congratulations Andrew VK1AD on those 10K S2S points.
Well done both Andrews VK1 (AD & DA) on braving the elements to succeeding on your respective activations. VK1DA’s shack looks nice and comfortable.
Let’s hope for future VK-EA S2S like we had in the past.



I have copied that post into a blog post on vk1da.blog, with some extra pictures.

Andrew vk1da/2uh