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Congratulations to Richard G4ERP, who this morning became the first activator to fully qualify a SOTA activation on 10GHz. Richard was on Worcestershire Beacon G/WB-009, and successfully made his four contacts on narrowband SSB.

Part of that also included the first ever SOTA summit-to-summit on 10GHz - with Richard G3CWI/P on Gun G/SP-013. This occured at 9.05am this morning on 10368.200MHz.



Well done to Richard and Richard, but isn’t it hard work walking up summits in lead underpants? ;o)

Steve GW7AAV


Many Congratulations to both Richard’s (G4ERP/P and G3CWI/P), for the first S2S on 3cm and to G4ERP/P for completing the first formal 3cm activation.

Stewart G0LGS


Many congratulations to both Richards. This is certainly an achievement of note!

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:

Good afternoon, all.

Many thanks for your kind words and many thanks to Richard G3CWI for having the vision to initiate this project. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but great fun.

Yesterday was excellent apart from the strong gusty winds on the ascent which nearly blew me over a couple of times despite me using walking poles. It’s a good thing I was carrying all the extra weight for 3cm!

I called a halt after seven QSOs as I was getting really cold. 90 minutes on the summit was enough. The S2S with Richard was the “icing on the cake”.

Steve. Lead etc. Actually, if I remember correctly, the accepted safe limit is 10mw/sq cm and that is the density of the field exiting the horn so you’re right. Some care is needed, bearing in mind the low and accessible height of the antenna.

I’m sure more will be written of our exploits in due course, but it was great to be part of a couple of SOTA firsts. Thanks, Richard.

73, Richard (The 'ERP one)


In reply to G4ERP:

Hi Richard,

Surprising stuff waveguide - why does it possess the ability to lure the eye to its edge even though the brain is shouting that you can’t see RF? I was always told that a couple of mW generated across open waveguide could cause blindness - possibly incorrect. True or false, either way I successfully resisted the urge to try it! Once the aperture is increased by the addition of an antenna, I believe the power density reduces, but nevertheless I always operated my 20mW of WBFM from behind the dish! Pity the mode is dead as it was a very cost effective way of getting onto 10GHz.

73, Gerald



Pity the mode is dead…

Not necessarily. Watch this space…



In reply to M1EYP:


It would be delightful to hear that Richard G3CWI/P on Gun was using a Gunn diode! (Ah, the intoxication of words!)


Brian G8ADD


In reply to M1EYP:

Hearty congratulations to all involved, a most notable and inspiring achievement. I look forward to the full details in due course!

73 de Paul G4MD


In reply to M1EYP:

Not necessarily. Watch this space…

Regarding your posting for 10368.200 Tom, have you locked your Gunn oscillator to a crystal source, or is this just wishful thinking… that you will drift through that frequency sometime during your activation? Hi!

73, Gerald


Ever the optimist me Gerald!



In reply to M1EYP:

Well, did the optimist work his own reflection? Entirely possible if you are using a doppler module. If not, a sheet of Bacofoil might help!

73, Gerald


I see Richard G3CWI is using 10GHz SSB and CW as his primary band/modes for SOTA nowadays, and usually able to qualify the activation exclusively on 10G. Impressive stuff. Looks like theres a dedicated band of people that work him too - wonder if any of them log the chaser contacts on the DB? Suffice to say, with Database filters applied, Richard is way out in front in the World All-Time 10GHz SOTA activator honour roll!



In reply to M1EYP:

There was talk about resurrecting 10G WBFM for SOTA activations, maybe on some sort of activity day. I am up for it if others are interested. Personally I can’t justify spending the readies on NB technology just now - the cost per QSO is rather high.

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:

10G is on the list here. It’s just finding the time to get the transverter aligned and all the intermodule plumbing completed. The LO is working and aligned and the RX and TX modules are built.

Using the panoramas website I mentioned a few weeks back has shown me a whole raft of GM summits that have optical paths to popular summits in G and GW. There are a few with paths to G, GW, GD, and GI which in theory suggests you can qualify a few summits in GM on 10G with 4 S2S QSOs and work a different country for each one too!

Too many things and not enough time!



I’m in the same position as you re not wanting to take the plunge with NB Gerald. I’ll certainly be up for a 10G WBFM S2S attempt sometime though. Just need to borrow one of CWI’s 10G WBFM "Rover"s, and check it’s working - it wasn’t last time.