10g sota

With summer so nearly here (!), anyone wanting to make some 10G SOTA contacts may find these dates of interest:

May 1 10G Trophy
May 30 10G Cumulative
June 27 10G Cumulative
July 25 10G Cumulative
Aug 22 10G Cumulative
Sep 26 10G Cumulative

Details at http://www.microwavers.org/

I look forward to some S2S contacts…



In reply to G3CWI:
On a slight tangent richard, i was just on that website just before you posted the link. I know nothing what so-ever about thr Ghz frequencies, other than what ive been reading the last 24 hours online.

Is there many people using the frequencies regularly? As im new to radio in general im quite keen finding out about the different aspects of the hobby. Just wondering what the most popular bands are, ie 1.2ghz, 10ghz or something else?

Many thanks


In reply to MM6ADR:

10GHz and 1.2GHz are the most popular microwave bands. There are lots of people with equipment but rather less who actually use it. My best 10G SOTA activation netted 17 x 10GHz contacts so there is life up there.