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100th Activation of GW/NW-001

I see that we have today had what should be both the 100th and 101st Activations of Snowdon (GW/NW-001). Well done to MW0IDX/P and GW0VMW/P. (only MW0IDX seems to have posted his activation log as I type this).

Stewart G0LGS

Congratulations Roger (MW0IDX) on thee 100th Activations of Snowdon (GW/NW-001).

73 Barry 2E0PXW

How fitting that it was you who achieved the 100th activation of Snowdon.

You are now the first and the 100th to activate this superb summit


73 and all the best


In reply to G0LGS:
Thanks guys for your congratulations. I have to admit that I didn’t realise that it was the 100th activation of Snowdon until Richard GW0VMW on our ascent (and later Barry 2E0PXW) told me so.

I was just keen to activate Snowdon before the new year! Sorry for a very short operation on HF. Well, 30m only to be precise but it was too wet to keep the KX1 out in the rain and I’d forgot to bring my bothy bag. Thankfully it wasn’t too windy but it was very wet and there was still frozen hail on the summit.

I managed a short video clip of the new Snowdon cafe still under construction which I’ll post on youtubes.

Thanks again for all the contacts especially all the S2S and Mick HJD for the spot. BTW, congratulations on the new callsign Barry (2E0PXW), well done!

73 & HNY to all!
Roger MW0IDX

In reply to GW0DSP:

You are now the first and the 100th to activate this superb summit


I am not sure I agree with this description Mike. Sam 2W0UPT used to ask me about my favourite summit and my least liked summit. I always said, a little bit tongue in cheek, that Snowdon was my least liked summit.

Well done Roger and Rick.

Best wishes for 2008
73 John GW4BVE

I have noted that many purists dislike it due to its popularity and the crowds it attracts, not to mention the cafe.

Personally, I do like it. It’s not so much the summit that is ‘superb’, but the walks to and from it certainly are in my opinion.


The summit is rubbish IMHO! I have not seen the new cafe yet and dread to think how bad the crowds will be when it opens, it going to be a nightmare up there, so glad its not open all year.

I agree with Tom though, the walks make up for it.

To John, Tom, and Steve, I agree wholeheartedly with what you all say.

I didn’t mean superb in that sense, but in the sense of the history of the summit and the fact that it is Wales’s highest mountain.

It’s not the summits fault that capitalist Man has turned it into yet another commercial money making nightmare.

73 Mike