1000000th SSB QSO

CW : 1316685
SSB : 999990 <<<<<<<<<<<<<< !
FM : 586115
Data : 4843
Other : 399
AM : 268

10 QSOs need to be logged for us to hit the 1 million SSB QSOs. It’s either happened and is still to be logged or will happen soon.

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The one millionth SSB QSO logged was this one:

28/March/2015 at 02:06Z between VK2IB/3 on summit VK3/VE-064 (VK3/VE-064) with VK3PF on 7MHz SSB

There is possibly the fact that the one millionth QSO logged was not the same as the one millionth QSO depending on who logged what. Finding it out is a little more involved.

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It certainly won’t be. I am currently catching up with a backlog of about 1000 activator QSOs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Not to mention all those that do SOTA but don’t submit logs to the Database.

Repeat the exercise in 24 hours and the millionth SSB SOTA QSO will be something else.

It will still be the one millionth logged unless someone deletes an earlier QSO but getting the real millionth QSO is down to sorting them all into date/time order and counting up. It does depend on them also being logged which means anyone behind such as you will affect things.

Still, it’s surprising to see so many QSOs logged.

Inevitable rather than surprising. SOTA with a mike isn’t as easy as with a key, I’m just pleased that so many are up for the challenge!

The real big one will be 1,000,000 activations, it will be a long wait!


Interesting to note that if you combine the totals for all voice and all digital (cw being digital and allowing the OTHER to be digital too), the voice modes are more popular than the Digital modes by about 250k QSOs.

Interesting indeed.

Voice: 1,586,383

Digital: 1,321,927

Vy73 - Mike - KD5KC.
El Paso, Texas - DM61rt.
W5-SOTA Association Manager.

Hard facts like that won’t stop some people complaining that CW is taking over SOTA Mike!

Ah well, feelings trump facts - look at the AGW controversy for examples!

(Duck and cover!)