100 Unique Summits activated

Many congratulations to Paul G4MD who activated 3 Welsh summits on Saturday to take his unique summits total over the 100 mark. Seems I will have to get some “solo” activations in as he will soon be snapping at my heels!

73 and well done mate!


Congratulations Paul - or if Roxy is going to be anything like as single-minded as Jimmy, then commiserations, for that’s 100 you have to do again!

Cheers, Tom

In reply to G4OIG, M1EYP:

Thanks Gerald, Tom. They say the first hundred are the most difficult - hope they’re right!

I’m afraid Roxy is not showing much inclination to climb any hills at the moment, so no problem yet. I certainly hope to do a couple of hundred uniques before repeating myself!

73 de Paul G4MD