100% GW chased

Most major SOTA milestones, SuperSloth, DoubleGoat, etc are a matter of public record and don’t need advertisement here. However, as far as I am aware the data from the “My Results” drop-down are private.

I am pleased to announce that, following my recent Chaser upload and with many thanks to Vicki, M6BWA/P, for the last two NW and to Phil, G4HQB/P, for the final MW, I have now chased all the currently valid summits in Wales, GW. The final three (in 10 days) appear to have taken just over two years since the previous new one.

Unfortunately, I still have several (rather hard) NW to activate as well as the problematic MW-032 so can not claim to have Completed Wales. Chasing all England, G, seems to be very slow now but Activating all England, G, is still in sight; that will take a little longer - not helped by the fact that once upon a time I had completed DC but now have along way to drive to get DC-008 which replaced DC-004.

Many thanks to all the activators I have chased along the way.


Well done Rod,I to had completed chasing GW/GD/G to find I had to work another couple of replaced summits.
Pleased to have worked you along the way unfortunately with
conditions and other commitments I have missed you on your recent activation’s.
73 Don G0RQL.

An excellent achievement Rod. Not an easy task when the illusive GW/MW-032 is taken into account (that which holds up my GW activation complete) and that you are relying on others to provide the summits and on bands that you can actually contact them on!

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi Rod,

Congrats on your achievement of chasing all of GW!

So what makes MW-032 a “problematic” one? I could not find any hints on the summit page!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

Well done Rod.

…your success prompted me to look at my own GW chases and found I had 4 to go…they are summits that are mainly activated on VHF and difficult from home…the new 2m beam may help :slight_smile:

73 Allan

It is located on private land and so the land owner’s permission is needed for access. Most of the GW summits are on access land or have longstanding access permission so you can visit them without worry. The owner of Upper Park MW-032 is famed for not giving permission.

thanks andy for the information … i suggest that someone puts this info on the summit information page so that future visitors know that it’s on private land!

73 martin, oe5reo

Congratulations on joining the All GW Chased Club :slight_smile:

Not an easy task!


BTW I’m two away from chasing all G summits, I have one very elusive summit to get… keep missing it.

No. You need to be logged in, but you can check anyone’s logs and that includes things like “My Results”.

Also, your chased all GW maybe short lived or have to be renamed Chased All GW pre-Autumn 2018! One GW summit has been found to have a higher neighbouring top which becomes the Marilyn. I haven’t looked at the maps yet to see if it gets a new number.

You teaser Andy… can’t find any mention of this in any of the RHB updates available to me… how about giving us a clue :wink:

Cyrniau Nod is the old summit and I think the new one is Foel Cedig or Cedig ‘something’.

Is this it?

That’s the one.

Thanks Andy and well spotted Allan :slight_smile:

Looks like the 650m contour encloses both “summits” at around 667m so the new high point is in the AZ of the old one and no new ref. required. Revisit for GW completion thankfully not required!

73 de Paul G4MD

Congratulations Rod on chasing all the GW/NW SOTA summits.

I thought to start with that Cyrniau Nod GW/NW-034 would be deleted and Foel Cedig would be a new SOTA summit with a new reference until I saw both are within activation zone of each other so the same SOTA reference can stay, all that will be chaning is the summit name, height and grid reference. I cannot claim to have visited the summit of Foel Cedig, but did was very close to this summit when passing on the track before making the right turn to Cyrniau Nod GW/NW-034 when I activated it 7 years ago.

Jimmy M0HGY

Thanks to all for the kind words and congratulations. Thanks particularly to Don, G0RQL who is by far my most prolific chaser and Allan, GW4VPX, who has started off so many Acivations for me in the current poor HF conditions.

Thanks also for the warning that it may be a short lived claim and to Jimmy for the reassurance that a full re-location is not expected. However, it is the Acivations of re-located summits that I am really put out by.

Well done and good luck wishes to Carolyn and Allan - let us know what you would like activated and we will see what we can do :slight_smile: Eastern LD, briefly, to complete with luck, SB first visit, and South-east SS are booked and mapped for an early October visit with a good few GW and WB visits expected in the meantime.

I can see no way of getting to these other than the dropdown and this always gives me my own data. I can find others’ Awards, Association Activated, Associations Chased, etc, but nothing reflecting the My Chaser Regions which confirmed my own claim.
73 all and hope to speak soon,

Well done Rod.

Cyrniau Nod

I can confirm what has been said above. The drop between the two summits is only about 11m according to the OSGB terrain model (obviously not as accurate as the new measurements but close enough for this question). So there is plenty in hand. Activators are free to use either location.

Here is the (approximate) AZ with my own track superimposed:

Mapping data attribution: Thunderforest and OpenStreetMap contributors.

But I guess we’ll need to rename it at some point @MW0IDX

Thanks, Simon, for this confirmation. I would not have minded Activating this one again, unexciting though it might be, but Chasing is such a chancy business that it might be years before getting the new one.

I have realised that I thanked Chasers in my earlier post and not the W activators responsible for the achievement.

GW4VPX/P is easily my most prolific GW Activator, followed by MW6BWA/P (as a result of the hill-swapping we often do), GW6OVD/P, MW0IML/P and MW0XOT/P. My very sincere thanks to Allan, Vicki, Mal, Barry and John as well as all those other Activators whose contributions have added to the total - 801 altogether although many will not have been anywhere near GW. I hope for many more contacts on the hills with you all.


Allan, Which ones do you need to catch up with Rod? :sunny: