10 years of Sota and (not) a bit tired

10 years ago I had my first Sota activation, 3 weeks after licensing.

Now there are 800 activations, almost 15,000 qsos and over 21,000 S2S points and it still gives me a lot of joy.

But sometimes I long for a little peace and quiet without pileups and 5 people calling at the same time. Then I sit down at a POTA lake and after a few qsos reach for my guitar.
73 Chris


Well done Chris,
Love that multi-tone CW!




Congratulations Chris!
10 years of SOTA and nearly 150 activations per year - that’s really dedication.

Looking forward to our next S2S!

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Congrats! really you have done a good job Chris.
73. Manu!

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Very nice!

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In order, then, Chris: I love the picture, it radiates peace, and the music made an exquisite match to it. Have you a name for it?

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Thanks for your the flowers, Brian.

Not yet.
73 Chris

I liked it. Initially it reminded me of Eric Satie but I nrealised that the harmonies were too rich for him.


Serenity O’er The Allersee”

Elliott, K6EL


That’s a fine composition, Chris, soulful and introspective.
What guitar tuning are you using? Sounds like an E variant.
Congratulations on ten years well spent!

73, David N6AN

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I use the tuning EBDGBE to have the B in the bass.

I love the open tuning with an additional capo and leave the low E string open. Here is an example with an open F chord. Tune FADGAD

I got my inspiration for open tuning perhaps 45 years ago from a live recording of Joni Mitchell (A case of you?) in which she was retuning her guitar between two songs. When I hear Joni, tears come to my eyes.

73 Chris


Something similar happens to me when I hear Bonnie Tyler. But if can find the off switch to the radio then I can recover quite quickly! :wink:

It’s 17 years last month since my first SOTA activation and I still enjoy taking part. We need another S2S Chris.