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10 Mountain Goats now for Jürg, HB9BIN

Dear all

Is it a typo? Probably. But no: the score really has 5 digits now:


This is the activator score of Jürg Regli, HB9BIN. Most chasers know Jürg, since he is doing SOTA in SSB and CW and is a real globetrotter. He is chairman of HB9SOTA, the Swiss chapter of SOTA, the organization behind the Swiss SOTA association, providing a good and well organized base for activations and SOTA friends in Switzerland. But Jürg has many talents, giving lectures on various topics, attracting talented people providing useful support, doing joint activations with others, erecting enormous antennas or being a practitioner for the useful or beautiful things in life. And he is also a well-known DXer.

Jürg has met his 10th Mountain Goat today on the Belchen summit in the Black Forest region. Simply take your wife with you, do some errands and combine this with a comfortable SOTA excursion in a beautiful region not far from home! Keeping the wife happy around SOTA is feasible and certainly also a part of this success.

SOTLAS reveals the footprint of his activity – even 69 contacts in the “other” mode, probably pleasant meals with other activators here or there.

Jürg is the second SOTA activator to reach a level of 10,000 points world wide. SOTLAS and the SOTA database reveal some details of his portefeuille. Been here, seen that. There are not many summits in my own collection where Jürg has not yet been. And he is still interested in new challenges, mastering the “SOTA flavours” or discussing useful features with software writers.

:beers: So congrats on your special milestone, Jürg, and let’s open a big bottle of bubbly for you! :clinking_glasses:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ



Cheers :beers:

73 de Marcel DM3FAM

Well that’s just timed nicely. I wondered if I’d ever see anyone reach the maximum award level the old database supports. It’s been retired in 5 weeks and here we are with a real set of QSOs rather than my test accounts. Best of all, I don’t have to extend this now ;-):



Congratulations Jurg on achieving Super Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Many congratulations Jürg. It is always a pleasure to work you. Hoping for many more now Andy has further goals incorporated into the new database. :grinning:

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

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Congratulations Jürg on your epic achievement. Thank you for all the contacts and s2s along the way.

73 Allan

Oh my … this is great, Andy. It reads like the special offers of an XXXL discounter, hi!

Tnx and 73, DIZ

Congrats Jürg!
…and keep going!

73 Heinz

Wow, congrats Jürg!
73 Sabrina

Hallo Jürg alles gute zur 10ten Ziege…super.

Markus IN3ADF

Gratulation Jürg, großartig. Wir hoffen, Dich weiterhin oft von vielen Summits aus zu hören.


OMG! Congratulations, Juerg!
73 Fabio, IK2LEY

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Hi Joerg

Congratulations, well done.

enjoy your time

73 de hb9fvk

Hallo Jürg

Super !

Auch was du sonst so für SOTA machst - DANKE !

Bis demnächst wieder einmal - Armin

Just phantastic! :+1: :+1::+1: :champagne::champagne:

73, Sylvia

Absolutely brilliant, awsome, ashtonishing, breathtaking, huge, superb…
Thanks for so many SOTA QSOs and S2S.


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Amazing achievement!
Congratulations X 10!!

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Chapeau bas Juerg !

73, Jarek

This is amazing!

Just by coincidence, Jürg was my first S2S HF contact in 2019, when I first tried SOTA and I was instantly convinced to join HB9SOTA, because of this great marketing QSO :grin:

Well done and keep going!

73, Stephan

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