10 Metres and E's

10m band, some E’s, Antron-99 and GW/NW-070 Great Orme… What’s not to like?

Took a trip to Great Orme on Sunday to play a little radio. The good news, the car park is still free, although for how much longer, is anyones’ guess.

At 1020z, I was QRV and only managed 6 calls on 10m ssb, seemed the band wasn’t really open.

Had a look at the 20m band and found 16 chasers, including a nice s2s contact with Colwyn MM0YCJ activating GM/SI-070 and Guru EA2IF on EA/NV-108.

At around 1200z, I returned to 10m, this time working the FM mode, where 19 contacts were logged, all of them EU. In the middle of this, I loaded up the A-99 up for 40m and worked Peter G1FOA activating G/SC-007. Once the FM contacts dried up. I had another try at 10m ssb where a further 41 contacts were logged, again all EU. My last throw of the dice was 17m were just 7 QSo’s were made.

A total of 66 contacts worked on 10m with no inter G or DX.

89 contacts logged and for the second activation on the trot, no DX.

Some sporadic E? Well yes, but nothing like last year.

Thanks to all the callers…

73 Mike