10 meters first time in years!

Just worked w7usa at 28.065…first time on 10 meters in long time!!


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Me too. Yesterday I couldn’t work Az now today 10 meters is strong from AZ to CA.

Jeff K6QCB

10m is having daily openings on FT8 but I dont think I have successfully chased any summits there yet…but I am trying each one!

Tom- N2YTF

Had some nice QSO’s on 10m FM last week, that was awesome.

I have been trying 10m on the SOTA summits lately and having pretty good luck. It has been starting to open up a bit more. From the last 3 summits here in New Mexico I have been getting several contacts across the States. Thanks for all the chasers that came and looked on 10m for me. It always makes it more fun and worth the effort.
Tim - K5DEZ


Yay for 10 meters! I have worked 10 almost every activation for the past few years…sometimes only get locals, sometimes get a nice surprise. I’ve even worked ZL1BYZ a number of times. It’s a lot of fun!

Keith KR7RK


Nice Keith!! I always try to look for you on 10m from my QTH…I think I did work you once or at least heard you there…very short skip though. Hopefully I will get to work some DX on 10m soon.
Tim - K5DEZ

Summer sporadic E?

Very well could be…Whatever it is…I like it… :grinning:

Ahhhh, brings back memories of ten meters during the sunspot peak of the late 1950’s.
Remarks like “You can work the world on ten, with a wet noodle hanging out the window”, were common. It seemed that way very often.

A few years back on the as the decline of cycle 24 was getting going properly, I was in Lanzarote (EA8 The Canary Islands) in November. I’d done 20m and worked 19QSOs. There was activity on 17/15 but when I checked 10m I could hear some activity. I changed the antenna to 10m, tricky as I was on an extinct volcano so the pole was supported in cracks the ground and lumps of lava. I went on to work 63 more SOTA chasers on SSB and CW, mainly in to Europe but 7-10 East Coast US stations. All 5W with a clone of a Buddistick.

10m is huge amounts of fun.

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I’ve worked JA and Asiatic Russia on recent days on 10 m

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Last week 10 (and 12) were working very nicely for me. This week it’s been a lot more sporadic… :wink:


Of course - its challenge week! :angry:

Aye. the Sporadic has been particularly Sporadic at times, with signals vanishing in half a word…

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And 6m has apparently been magic in last few days on west coast and other parts of USA.

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The 10m band has never really opened up in EU since 2015. One afternoon back in February 2015, I was activating a bitterly cold Great Orme GW/NW-070. The 10m band was on fire.

Working low power with my FT-857 and Antron-99, I knocked off a shed load of contacts on the band. However, the highlight of the activation had to be working 102 contacts into North America. 53 contacts on 10m ssb and 49 contacts on 10m fm.

The best contact of the day had to be a very old radio ham who called me on 10m FM from the USA. He explained to me very slowly, that he was well into his 80’s and had been licensed for over 60 years. He then went on to tell me, this was his first ever contact on 10m FM and he was staggered to have made it across the pond. I thanked him for the call. He said the contact was very important to him and made me promise to QSL and so, I promised him I would QSL.

About 4 days later, a card arrived from the States from the gentleman. Included, was a note saying how made up he was with the contact. As promised, I returned a QSL and $'s he had put in the envelope. I can’t remember the guys callsign, and his QSL card is buried somewhere amongst the 1000’s I have in boxes.

Some contacts you’ll never ever forget and this is certainly one of them for me…



Agreed. People are mistaking normal seasonal SpE for a proper F layer opening. They are very different.

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Sporadic ES propagation occurs like clockwork every year in the USA mostly in May, June, and July. It is the main mechanism for all of the Six Meter openings since F2 is no longer an option on this band due to the solar minimum.

So these 10 meter short skip openings occur every year at this time, and you can even see the short skip on the other lower bands up to 20 Meters. I was working New Mexico yesterday on 20M from Arizona…signals were 5x9…a sure sign of ES skip and a good indicator to check 6M for DX.

So if u start hearing very short skip on 20M it is time to checkout the higher bands. This time of year I always check 6M when I get on a summit to see if the band is open. On a few occasions I have worked as many as 40 DX stations from a SOTA summit on 6M in this time frame.

So watch the higher bands this time of year. They are open a lot more than u think they are.



Past WPX weekend I could work a lot of entities around EU in 10cw.

I hope esporadic goes up with the new solar cycle and we can make a transoceanic qsos.

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