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10.118 carrier QRM

HI all,

There has been a carrier on 10.118 for the last 24 hours
This is totally squashing any 30m SOTA contacts

Is it audible in the rest of EU?

73 de Kevin G0NUP

In reply to G0NUP:
Hi Kevin, it’s S 8 with me in Penrith.
73 John

It’s S8 here in JO01ai just south east of London, too.

73 de Rick M6LEP

In reply to M6LEP:
it’s S9 here in JO11PD nr Brugge

In reply to ON4CAP:
S9 in North PA glad you mentioned it - no local as was my first idea- 73 Wim

In reply to ON4CAP:
It is S7 in Dublin.

In reply to EI2CL:

It’s peaking S8 in Southern Bavaria

73 Bernhard DL4CW

In reply to G0NUP:

This is S9+ on the North Yorkshire coast.
Centred on 10.117.8 it wipes out anything between 10.117.5 and 10.118.2


In reply to G0NUP:
It is S9 with me in JO60IS on a simple dipole.

73, Steffen

In reply to DL3JPN:

Carrier went off the air at 1030 UTC today

73 Roy G4SSH

In reply to G4SSH:
Hi Roy I thought my setup had died.
73 de John

In reply to G4SSH:
Carrier is on the air again (s5-s8)
73, William

In reply to PA0WLB:

The carrier is S7 to S9 with me in IO93sr. [I’m using a very poorly sited doublet, only about 2 meters above ground].


In reply to PA0WLB:
The carrier near Zurich is 56, about 400Hz wide.
73’s Hans

In reply to HB9BHW:
It is S6 in Dublin.

In reply to EI2CL:
s8 here in JO49ub

In reply to LA1ENA:

59 +20 dB by S-meter here, KN56JN

In reply to G0NUP:

It is S9 + in north France in JN19QM

73 de Daniel F5SQA

In reply to F5SQA:
Yes 59+20 here in sunny Scarborough.

where is it coming from???

de Kevin G0NUP

In reply to G0NUP:

First chance I’ve had to listen today & I hear nothing in Blackburn IO83SS on 10.118 ?

There was some 2.4KHz wide data type qrm on 10.120 usb that stopped a couple of minutes ago, but a similar transmission on 10.110 usb is still going, is this the qrm people are referring to? If so a couple of weekends ago there was similar qrm over 15 KHz of the band for over 24 Hours.

No cw carrier on 10.118 at 17:50utc though?

This Web receiver in the Netherlands is useful for comparison with signals at your own station.



Mark G0VOF