1:1 balun qrp

I have a toroid from sotabeams , link below

Stated 7 and 6 turns , but I cant seem to see 7 and 6 turns on the picture . I’m guessing the picture is just method of winding rather than a exact diagram?

Matt 2E0FGX

I always took it as an example of wrapping method.


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Take a look at this picture: https://cdn7.bigcommerce.com/s-qc1afpvf/product_images/uploaded_images/img-3509-1-.jpg

Or scroll to the bottom of the band hopper page and you can see an image of the suggested balun wrap from sotabeams: Three-band portable dipole antenna system (Band Hopper III) - SOTABEAMS

Hope this helps!


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I made this pico balun kit from sotabeams.
Works perfect, cheap and durable.

Thanks , got it sussed now .

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