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08.08.2017 SOTA presentation at HB9SG "Live"

Dear YL and OM

If we have nice weather on Tuesday the 8th of August, I will make a SOTA activation on the HB/AR-003 Gäbris, with the club, HB9SG. The members of HB9SG are not an active SOTA-OM, for which I would like to show them. We will start the activation with the call sign HB9SG, from approx. 3.20 pm UTC. I do not know how many members really want to do QSO. Please look for Pilup to arouse some enthusiasm for the OM. If you notice that the OP has changed, you may also like to come again.

Thank you and lots of fun.
Vy 73 de Matthias HB9FVF


Dä isch guet – live isch läbig! Enjoy! :evergreen_tree: :sunglasses:

Vill Spass de Teilnämer und au dier als Macher, Matthias. Bin denn leider nur im Büro.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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