05/01/2019 incorrect reference + activation report

In the early afternoon I decided to try a quick activation, Mt. Tesoro, but I realized only now that I used a incorrect reference.
The correct reference is I/LO-222 and not 291.

I reached the summit with my dog Zac, in about 20 minute by walk.
I started 20 cw, putting in a log some EU station and NA stations.
I managed one transatlantic S2S qso with @K9IR on W8M/LP-002.
I continued to calling in 40 SSB, having only about half hour of day light, I preferred not mounting 80mt antenna but try 2mt butterfly antenna.
At 144Mhz ssb, I contact 3 stations that gave me a good report 9+++, qrb max 157km
some pics:

Many Thanks at all chasers!
iw2obx Roby

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Beautiful pictures, Roby.

Many tnx for my first S2S with a summit outside of the US. W8M/LP-002 had sunshine in between fog rolling in and out.

Hope to work you again soon!

73 Paula k9ir

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