02/02/2020 I/LO-234, 250, 252 IK2LEY & IW2OBX

Hi Folks,
it was a great day and a palindrome date!
Fabio @IK2LEY and me met in Selvino, we had planned to activate three summits near the town.
We changed our initial plan, we decided to activate quickly the first two summits and dedicate more time for the last summit, I/LO-252 Corna Bianca, because it’s more suitable for long time activations in HF as it is not a trekking destination.
We reached Mt. Poieto in about 45 minutes, the path wasn’t in best condition, we found ice sheets along the way exposed to north.
I mounted my hf setup and I try to call cq in 30mt cw, the skip was long, one qso in direct wave with an italian station near Milano city, other 3 qsos with svedish station and the last qso, a north spanish station, in a log with poor signal.

Ik2ley Fabio was most quick, he mounted hf and vhf and activated the summit in 2mt.
We putted all in the backpack and we climbed down for the second summit.
We started from the second parking situated in the other site of Selvino, and we climbed up Mt Podona, reached in about an half hour.
We used Fabio’s ft817 with antenna RH770 mounted on panel. We were able to work some stations in FM, qrb max about 150km.

After five qsos, we decided to descend for the last summit of the day and ready for giving the best.
On Corna Bianca we mounted 2 hf stations at about 10 meter of distance.
Fabio worked many stations on 40-30-20 cw and ssb and putting in a log some s2s.

I focused all activation on ft8 mode, my first fault was the quality of decode, it was setted Normal, after some cq I selected Fast mode.

I saw the message on the spot in sotawatch from @G4OBK, Raspberry’s clock was sinc with usb gps, Is it possible that the program wasn’t able to decode the pile up on the same audio freq?
If the Rpi had sincronism problem, it wasn’t able to decode anybody.
I was able to contact some stations and complete qsos, while I couldn’t complete other qso.
In the middle of qsos, I saw on waterfall some other signal appearing and interfering with station in qso with me. It might be the cause
My raspberry was sinc with gps, and the kx3 was setted on data without filter and compressor, alc work 3-4 bars.
In about 1h45 minute I worked 9 station in 40-30 and 20.

Many Thanks at All