007 and HB/TI-102

Today I had for the first time forgotten my antenna. I tried several things to match (e.g. a seat) Finally I opened a lightning rod of the chapel on the summit and was able to run a QSO with ON4FI, DL8DXL, IK2LEY, SP9AMH und DL/SP8RHP. A great thank to those excellent operators and to my XYL for their patience.
After the activation I closed the lightning rod with my knife.
vy tks es 73 de HB9BIN/p, Juerg



Hi Juerg,
What a great tinkering with the “antenna”…pure 007 style!!!
I was watching all your spots but unfortunatedly today cndx to EA4 were minus zero!!!
73 Moises

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Well improvised, Juerg.
I also tried to copy you but had not success, even on the Hack Green SDR in England, with its double sized G5RV, your signal was on the noise floor level and unreadable most of the time. Of course, your receiving hability was also very much degraded, so there was no chance for you to copy my 50W from the endfed in the balcony.
But you finally saved the activation.


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A great thing to remember…Well done Juerg!

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Einfach genial!

73, Peter

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Great story Juerg !
A real ham knows a solution for everything.
I saw your spots for first rig trouble, then broken antenna … huh ? if you forgot the antenna , it can’t be broken , right ? HI HI
I listened for you on 40m and 20m, but didn’t hear anything.
Glad you did have your needed contacts after all.
73, Luc ON7DQ

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Hi Luc

If you are in big trouble, it’s always difficult to write the truth in a cluster. Imagine I had written “come on guys pse work me! But I have forgotten my antenna at home!” Anyway this sentence is much too long for the cluster. Next time I will write the truth: “testing a new ant”
My XYL did a good job. Franziska was feeling radio frequency (RF 10 watt) for the first time in her life, when she was holding the unun (unbalanced-to-unbalanced) against the lightning road in the wrong way! She learned quickly. It’s good to know that the KX2 is still ok! It took me one hour to make the 5 QSOs.

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Hi JĂĽrg,
Today I was also at home and was wondering why I was not able to hear you on all bands you was spotted. Now I know why ! But definitely we can call you now “BIN Macgyver” :wink:
Laurent de F8CZI


…probably best avoided during electrical storms :wink:

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Hi Juerg you had a good signal here… not so strong as usual but certainly Q5! Great you confirmed the activation this way

73 Karel ON4FI

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A great and true ham is Juerg in the real sense. If it had been me I would have been scuppered - no unun and no ATU carried…

Well done on such a resourceful effort - you won the day Juerg!

73 Phil