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"Zugspitze" a great SOTA summit & 2m SSB HTs


Because it’s in DL/WS…


My mistake. Thanks Andrew.


I do wish people would get out of the habit of conflating “database” with “webpage” or “website” or “web-application”. After all, we don’t call automobiles “engines”…

The former (database) is a repository of related information in indexed tables, and always hidden from public view. The web-pages, sites, etc are GUI’s (graphical user interfaces) designed to provide a visualisation of selections of data from the database to the user. In the case of sotamaps, the visualisation is graphical (maps), whereas the SOTA “database” (I shudder to use the word in this context) displays data in tabular form.

And, sotamaps also has a search-on-name feature in the main page - it’s craftily hidden behind the button labelled “Search”, and shows found summits on the map, with the added bonus of only showing valid summits :astonished:


So shoot me, or should I say try.
I do wish some people would get out of the habit of nit picking when they should be could be doing something constructive.


I do wish those who go into the mountains armed to the teeth would get out of the habit of imagining that others do the same. Peace, brother…


Accepted. Here in the R of SA those who go into the mountains unarmed end up as statistics.

Peace to you too.