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Xmas Quiz - any answers?


Correct person. Still looking for the second connection to SOTA though - not photography.


KH6/HW-001 Mauna Kea has the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) on it.

M1EYP: Not part of Martyn’s intended answer, but a brilliant find nonetheless!


James Clerk Maxwell (1870) “On Hills And Dales” was
"an early contribution to the mathematics of topology".


[edit: just found a copy - very interesting - thank you!]

M1EYP: OK John, with your earlier answer alluding to his electromagnetic equations, it looks like you have it!


They are all moorland summits. Rising, large flat areas of land - high expanses of land. Not sure what the term is to describe this (if there is one). But all three summits fit this description. Not much of a one word answer, but I am giving it ago !


M1EYP: You’re almost there! If you can find that one word to describe these, and the originator, then you’ve got it!


Spot on!


With the Christmas Quiz 2016 about to be launched, do we have any answers to the un-answered questions on the Christmas Quiz 2014. There questions are 4, 12, 27 and 35. You can see what these question are on the question thread here Christmas Quiz 2014. Maybe even the authors of these questions can answer them.

Jimmy M0HGY


Just found out that my dad Tom M1EYP is the author of all 4 unanswered questions, if no-one answers them in the next few days, he will publish the answers himself.

Jimmy M0HGY


27… The 3 most dullest/boring hills in their respective countries.

M1EYP: Correct, as nominated by the original Relative Hills of Britain book.


If GM/CS-017 is the dullest hill in Scotland, then the person describing it so hasn’t been up many hills!

Can you check there isn’t a typo in Q. 35 please?


The 3 left:

-4. What are the complementary distinctions of G/LD-002 and G/LD-038?

Erm, I can’t remember what it was I noticed about these two when I wrote the quiz. Hopefully it will come back to mind in the next few days…!

-12. If M1EYP was 1st, M0HGY was 2nd some 8 minutes later, while MI0JST and GI4ONL were equal third 1,428,728 minutes after that, then who is fifth?

Well, at the time of setting the quiz, no-one was fifth. But we now know that it was Bill G4WSB.

-35. What’s the summit?
Pendle Hill – 7354 – 6982 - Shining Tor - Sheep Rock Mountain - Jones Mountain – 2166 - 6982

Actually, ISTR this was Richard G3CWI’s question. I’m pretty sure I solved it at the time (eventually) but it was ridiculously difficult! Anyway, the solution is View Edge G/WB-018.


There is no summit 2166! Or maybe it’s been renamed since then. I’d got ervdvw?v for the name so far but needed 2166 to make the guessing easier.


Yeah, 2166 doesn’t seem to relate to anything! But backtracking, it is G, which on CWI’s backwards number system is 20. So it must relate to a summit with “XX/YY-020” reference. VE7/EK-020 fits the bill, and is 2166m ASL. I wonder if it’s name was merely “2166” when Richard made this question?


The particularly unseasonal part of Richard’s question was that Z=1, Y=2, X=3, W=4, … etc!!!


The summits in the question are all sp summits

sp-005 pendle hill 
sp-018 7354 
sp-022 6982 
sp-004 shining tor
sp-022 Sheep Rock Mountain
sp-023 Jones Mountain 
??-??? 2166
sp-022 6982


gives ervdvw?v

But without 2166 I decided I’d spent 5mins and wasn’t noodling away for longer unless that summit was confirmed. The fact I had 3 “v” in my list was enough to say that if it was a European name then the “v” must be an “e” as that is the most common letter, but only if 2166 was an SP summit was it worth going further.

Perhaps I should have noodled more instead of make a pot of coffee




Yeah looks like Richard should have put “7107”, which is the “name” of W7U/SP-020 - which is 2166m ASL.


Perhaps it was because they both have sister summits adjacent to them called Pike - Scafell Pike and Grayrigg Pike. However, that sounds like it doesn’t have enough arithmetic in it for one of your questions. :wink:


I do!
Do I win any extra points for that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Merry Christmas es HNY!! 73


I see I have used the word “complementary” in that question, with the spelling suggesting that something about the two summits makes something or adds up to something! So you may be correct in suspecting a mathematical element Gerald.


Well the height difference is approximately complementary, i.e. Scafell Pike is higher than Scafell by roughly the same amount as Grayrigg Pike is lower than Greyrigg Forest. But it’s not spot on, even measuring to the nearest metre, so I’m not totally convinced this is it.

Martyn M1MAJ


No, definitely not that - though I still haven’t remembered what it was… :frowning: