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Weather alerting


It would be nice to be alerted to serious risk, such as lightning. On the other hand, if the system pushes the alert - by sending a text or email - it is not fail safe, as I don’t know whether I failed to receive the message.

A “polled” service might be nice, where I send a text request in some format*, and get a tailored reply about any risk in my location.

  • perhaps the format could include some form of area code (NGR?); weather type you are concerned about; time frame of concern (+10 hours)…

Perhaps the model could be PAYG, where sending a polling text to the server is charged. That might be attractive to me as a sporadic user, rather than a monthly subscription…


The WQRadar system does include CAPE as well as the Lifted Index.


That could work, you text a short SMS number that costs, say 75p, so they get paid and provide some localised data.