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Unwanted discussion



For prominence you have to look AROUND the summit, not just in one direction.
Following the 850 meter contour line you will see that there are several higher peaks inside the 850 contour. A few examples are Fichtelberg, Klínovec, Plešivec and Blatenský vrch . For the exact heights I am not sure. It could well be that Germany and Czech Republic use a different reference.

73, Hans PB2T


Archie MacLooney would be more like it :smile: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt6g6icDI1U - Archie makes his first appearance at 18:06. They don’t write 'em like that any more…


hello Thomas,
you have problems with bureaucracy.
We wait for your
promised QSLing on LotW
QSL via bureau
logs of all your SOTA-activations

Please concrete proposals to better SOTA listings only …
SOTA - team works on honorary basis

73 de Mike, dj5av


With the hope of not adding oil to the fire, a factual view of the changes can be seen on http://www.on6zq.be/p/SOTA/SOTAsummits.htm?list=DM , sorting the list on the column “ValidTo”.

People like me who often activate in the DM region might find it useful in order to plan their next activations.






come on chaps its only a hobby!!!

Merry Christmas to ALL

Tony - G7OEM


Yes, it isn’t life or death - it’s much more important than that! :wink:


I just found what I wanted. The Mute button at the foot of the discussion. Promises to stop notifying me about this thread. Phew.