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Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party - 3 November 2018


Yes it’s a lovely hill (and a nice evening too). The NA contact made my day! I wasn’t too keen on the walk along the road from where I parked to the start of the path :tired_face:, I think there may be better parking points. edit - I did take a picture of the sheep who gathered around to admire my trans Atlantic exploits, but it won’t upload because it’s not the right format (Apple). I’ll have to spare you my SOTA snaps!
Just done Firle Beacon - another lovely evening walk with a heavy radio! Stayed on VHF tonight in windy and misty conditions. I wish my local SOTAs were this friendly to my knees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, that is not a good road to walk along!
You can park here and not have to walk on the road at all but there’s only space for one car.
I’ll add a note/activation report to the summit as going a bit off topic here :slight_smile:


Well it is relevant as it is reasonable summit for S2S events on several counts: a reasonable take off to NW for USA and SW for VK, has a simple short route so it is not easy to get lost in the dark on the ascent or descent, unlikely to attract much interest from Joe Public… As for that parking spot, yes ears as well as eyes are required to make sure you get your car safely back onto the race track. I remember this very well even though it is over 10 years since I activated the hill. :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG


That spot’s quite overgrown and requires you to stop just over a blind crest to reverse in, so not entirely risk free!
I was looking down at Knoll farm (approx ST794371) from the summit and wondering if you could park near there (even across the road in the wide entrance to the field). Would probably need permission. There looked to be a direct route around the edge of the fields and up the saddle at about ST790375.
Where to go for this event, that is the question? Hope it’s a good day


Yes I’ve activated it 3 times and never seen another person!
I’ll investigate Knoll Farm next time.
Another good choice down here is Win Green SC008. 2 minutes stroll from car park, excellent US take off; had success with US S2S from there on a previous event.