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Tips and Strategies for more DX in SOTA Logs?


Isle of Man…great idea. I’ll look into it, I do have a few spare days.

Crowborough meets the definition of “doable”! Thanks.


Hi all,
just a bit of feedback from trying your hints today on DL/AL-151: It worked very well, despite the fact that I had to limit my power to 2.5 W, because my EFHW was tuned to resonance as a symmetrical inverted vee, and I set it up as a kind of inverted L. Rather, than risking to fry my MTR-5B finals, I decided to go for 2.5 W only (9V).

Very quickly, I was able to work @N4EX and @n1gb . A third DX (?) QSO with a chaser from EA8 failed, because I messed it up with cold fingers, but propagation-wise it could have been completed by a more experienced OP.

So I guess the key is starting late enough for NA. In winter, this is constrained by the light of day, of course (or whether a descent is safe in low light). In summer, this is more difficult unless the weather is more stable due to the increasing risk of lightning in the afternoons, and the need to start early on glaciers etc.

Again, a big thanks for your advice! It doubled my SOTA DX QSOs from 2 to 4 :wink:

73 de Martin, DK3IT