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Spring W4 SOTA Campout April 19-22, 2018


Hey Tent Campers! The tent sites by the river are almost gone, but #39 and #35 are still open at this point. SOTA campers are at 36, 37, and 40, so we have a good grouping at that area. Reserve your site now! :sunglasses:

Dave, AE9Q



Hello Pat, I have the dates marked on my calendar and plan to be there for an “eyeball” QSO with all of the attendees. I may do an activation or two as well.

Looking forward to it !!

Walt NE4TN


Me too, Walt! This is going to be fun.

Looks like the SOTA Riviera is fully booked now. :rofl:



I am planning to attend on Saturday and Sunday and plan to arrive on Friday evening. I will be staying with Alan, KN4BBC.

Derek, WF4I


Please put me on the mailing list as well. I plan to go to the four day



Good deal! John Paul, are you bunking with Alan & Derek?


I hope you have me on the list…for all four nights.


Put me on the list.
I will come on Thursday and stay for the four days.

Please advise you received this.



I plan to. Am trying to contact Alan to put my name in for
the stay in his trailer.
I plan to stay the four days.


Will get a message to you somehow. Yes, I would like a spot in the camper.
I plan to be there all four nights. Are you staying all four?
What do you need in the way of groceries?

I will bring handhelds and chargers.



Roger roger… did you get my email?


FYI - I have moved from site 13 to site 17.


Hi Pat,
I am looking forward to this trip. Thanks for planning it.
73 Lanier KJ4RSW


Just curious, what’s the current head count on this outing? I have been thinking about joining in the fun, but am now wondering if the summits might get a bit crowded. The possibility for many S2S contacts might make it worthwhile.


Hi Paul,

I have an attendee list in the first post and I am trying to keep it as up to date as I can. There are a few missing from the list but we are up to 15-16 active activators. We will definitely have to work on coordinating our activation planning as we get closer. I am sure there will be plenty of folks swapping summits during a day on the popular summits but that just adds to the fun and potential for completes. Keep in mind there are a lot more summits in the area than what I listed above and I think there will be plenty of chasers to go around. I hope you decide to come to the campout and join us. The more the merrier!

73, pat


Thanks Pat,

I didn’t realize you were updating the first post with the attendee list, and yes, it looks like the number of summits can accommodate the activators without crowding.

Put me down as a definite maybe as I’d like to see the weather forecast before heading to the mountains. April can be tricky and my camper van isn’t 4-wheel drive.



LIz and I have Site 52 in the upper area reserved for Wednesday through Saturday night (leaving Sunday morning). We will be in our fifth wheel camper. Even though a lot of the upper sites (41-90) are generally better for tents, there are several RV suitable sites there. The loop road in this area is on a hillside and fairly steep in spots. All sites on this loop have water and 30 amp electricity.

We did a walk-through today and have a pretty good idea of which are the good sites. If anyone needs more information about the sites, let us know. We also noticed a nice covered pavilion near the camp store. If it is not in use we might be able to use it for a gathering place if we get rain.

All the loops have at least one bathroom with showers. This is a really nice campground.

Ron (KI4TN) and Liz (K1LIZ)


Thanks for the update, Ron. I have always enjoyed driving through the state park on the way to SOTA summits. It is so idyllic it just makes you want to stop and stay awhile. :evergreen_tree:

The picnic shelter can be reserved for $60/day and might be a good idea if the weather looks iffy.


Hi Pat,
Did not see this, but was made aware by Ron and Liz.
Will reserve site tomorrow for wed - sat. leave sunday.
Merle and Herm


Sure wish I could make it for this! I have unavoidable plans, sadly. Next year for sure.