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SOTA Trademark


You cannot trademark such a word as googol. Just like you cannot trademark any common (look up the meaning) word. So Googol™ wont happen but Google™ will. There is a reason why the founders of Google have such an enormous pile of money. It’s called being smart and not designing “fail” into what you do. Picking a company name you cannot protect would be a very non-smart thing to do. Playing jurisdictional tax avoidance games helps too!


[quote=“G8ADD, post:20, topic:16448, full:true”]this being a typical internet argument between people who have no expertise in the subject…
I thought that was the whole point of the internet.


No it isn’t! :grin:


It only seems that way!


The internet’s real purpose is to let people, who were spotty adolescents in the 70s like me, search for and watch Pan’s People videos on YouTube. Cor! DeeDee is now 72.

Andy wanders off wondering where the last 45 years have gone… and fires up YouTube.


“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.”

You’ve gone and depressed me, now!


To clarify what Walt @G3NYY queried:

“Summits on the Air” is a registered trademark but is limited to Europe, expanding it to a worldwide trademark would have been horrendously expensive. “SOTA” is too generic for us to own the trademark even under a limited category.
The logo is Copyright and this applies worldwide - even if we couldn’t enforce it. We are applying for the logo to be a registered trademark - the guidance for this is from the trademarking by the RSGB for the IOTA programme

Why has this been done - mainly to provide protection for our only mechanism to raise funds to pay for the SOTA (Summits on the Air) facilities by selling awards and merchandise and to provide limited protection from attempts to “pass-off” as the official “Summits on the Air” programme. It is not an attempt to prevent anybody using, or referring to, the facilities or from using the name or logo - EXCEPT for commercial purposes.


Barry GM4TOE



Local hair salon near my QTH.

73 Phil


If I come to this area someday, I’ll get a SOTA haircut there, promised!

73 Heinz

EDIT: I went through their homepage but could not figure out what their SOTA stands for. Any insights?


And there is one in York as well.