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SOTA microwave activity period


Yes, they don’t last long (30-120secs) so be quick, clear and lucid!

It looks like a beefier version of what a few of us have up here GM. (top left in the picture of 5 devices)

Mine is set for 13.5V out for any voltage in from 9V up. Does it make a difference? I don’t know but it was a few coppers.


Moi?? That’s a tall order!

I think I was very lucky. I’d just set up, tuned around to see what was about, and he was the first station I worked. I didn’t hear him again, or anyone else up that way, though I did hear others calling him from time to time.


I heard a wonderful example of how to do exceptional conditions operation on VHF once. Sometimes you just want to work the calls bang, bang, bang, done. Sometimes you want to ragchew. Anyway this was a G4 station in IO70 (Cornwall/Devon) working a 4X4 on 2m via SpE & Tropo. 4X4 calls QRZ, G4 calls, 4X4 replies to G4 with RST and Maidenhead, G4 replies with RST and Maindenhead. Easy, peasy lemon squeezy, and a new VHF European VHF DX record is set in less than 35 seconds. Marvellous :slight_smile:


As above, marketed as “1200W 20A DC converter” originally purchased to drive my Bert Modderman amplifier at 28V, but I now use it as a regulated supply from my 4S LiPo pack. Amplifier will get used when I get some antennas in the air at home.
About £12 delivered.

I find that with 2 watts and the 28 element yagi I can work most stations I can hear from the hilltops.
Next upgrade is to add the SG-Labs 25W amplifier and mount the amp & transverter at the masthead and so reduce my heavy 10m length of LMR400.


Nice, I hadn’t spotted that - runs on 13.8V too.

Yes, me too. I’ve been out eleven times now during activity sessions, and a very small number of stations have been unable to hear me. But they include an ON and a GM, which would have been nice to work (GM ticked off now, of course, but more always welcome). Whether a ~ 10dB increase in output would have been enough to make the difference, I don’t know…


Did you get the amp? What were your experiences? I want to try one out myself.