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SOTA Fun Evening - 2m FM & SSB




Yeah first Tuesday of the month. 83 is nothing. Some stations had made 200+ by 2130z last night.


Hi Gerald,
I’m often on CE-004 as my local summit so an alert before hand should ensure I don’t have a wasted climb.

I try to do other summits during the summer months as per my short activation of G/SP-002 Black Hill last night. M1 traffic meant I was only just starting my ascent as the contest was starting. Once I started setting up I realised my 'phone and head torch were still on charge in the car, so I cut short the activation so I could return in the failing light.
One for an earlier start next year.


Hi Stuart,

All duly noted. I always post an alert, but it would be worthwhile dropping you an email beforehand to check on your intentions. Of course it doesn’t have to be a contest evening. My outing yesterday was only planned to coincide with the FMAC so that I had more chance of making the required 4 contacts with a handheld. I would probably aim for 2m SSB, though I do try to use 70cm and above with my alternative call.

Sorry to hear about the issues yesterday evening. Thankfully since I usually activate summits with Paul G4MD / G6GGP, all such problems to date have been overcome by borrowing bits. However, I am sure one day I will get caught out.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK