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SOTA Fun Evening - 2m FM & SSB




Yeah first Tuesday of the month. 83 is nothing. Some stations had made 200+ by 2130z last night.


Hi Gerald,
I’m often on CE-004 as my local summit so an alert before hand should ensure I don’t have a wasted climb.

I try to do other summits during the summer months as per my short activation of G/SP-002 Black Hill last night. M1 traffic meant I was only just starting my ascent as the contest was starting. Once I started setting up I realised my 'phone and head torch were still on charge in the car, so I cut short the activation so I could return in the failing light.
One for an earlier start next year.


Hi Stuart,

All duly noted. I always post an alert, but it would be worthwhile dropping you an email beforehand to check on your intentions. Of course it doesn’t have to be a contest evening. My outing yesterday was only planned to coincide with the FMAC so that I had more chance of making the required 4 contacts with a handheld. I would probably aim for 2m SSB, though I do try to use 70cm and above with my alternative call.

Sorry to hear about the issues yesterday evening. Thankfully since I usually activate summits with Paul G4MD / G6GGP, all such problems to date have been overcome by borrowing bits. However, I am sure one day I will get caught out.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


A reminder that it is 2m activity night this evening. There will be many stations on FM from 1800-1859z then SSB from 1900 until 2130z. The night’s are getting darker and cooler but hopefully I won’t be the only SOTA station taking part.


Thanks for the heads up. I may be able to sneek out for a bit depending on taxi duties.

Cheers, Mark. M0NOM


but hopefully I won’t be the only SOTA station taking part.

Will be out as every VHF Tuesday, but not decided if DM or DA reference.


No other alerts yet, but fingers crossed for some S2S opportunities.


Will try to find you this evening.
Despite the weather here GB3NGI is holding happily at about -6dB so there is a possibility of a CW contact to IO87


Cool. If I get a quiet moment, I’ll try to meep you on KST to set it up.


The forecast when I left home yesterday was not promising for this week on the west coast of Scotland, so I didn’t bring any walking gear or portable radio gear. However, it is dry and not a bad evening. I will therefore give it a go from the comfort of my car at about 150m up just below GM/WS-334. I only have FM capability and the locator is IO76il. I hope someone is out there (there’s a few mountains higher than me around!).


All quiet in IO76 :slightly_frowning_face:. The only activity was on GB3HI. Curry calls :shallow_pan_of_food::beer:


Tuesday 2nd October 2018 - The Cloud G/SP-015

Any intentions to meep Barry GM4TOE to set up a nice DX 2m QSO were thwarted when my smartphone ran out of charge early into the activation. I had remembered to charge up the Tracer battery and the Petzl headtorch - but not my phone - doh!

It was definitely feeling colder, but I managed to stick it out for the full 3.5 hours. Not a bad old VHF activation - 117 QSOs on 2m.

6 DXCCs: G, GW, GD, GI, GM & F.

18 QRAs: IN99, IO64, 74, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, JO00, 01, 02, 03.


Wow - that’s a lot of contacts, good job! Only downside is if you don’t do electronic logging :wink:
I got caught up in taxi duties, as predicted, and I also had my CW Academy session at 7pm, so no chance in the end :frowning:

Definitely worth the effort on your part! What was the setup?

Cheers, Mark. M0NOM


It’s a contest, they’re all 59(9) :wink:


Mark - it can only really be waterproof notepad and pencil on a SOTA hill. I’m usually fighting to stay awake while typing it all in later that night at home!

Andy - you know full well you’re talking rubbish!


Which is why Minos prefills the field with 59, to make life easy.


Not exactly like HF though is it? In this 2m event, out of 234 sent and received reports, 38 were other than 59. In an HF event, it would be zero.


I wouldn’t know… never really done any HF contesting… all too predictable!


It doesn’t - it fills in “5” and leaves the rest to you