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SOTA Christmas Quiz 2010


In reply to M1EYP:
21) They were all included in question that no one got the answer to in 24hours?

Roger G4OWG


50: E. Radio User?

73! Mads, la1tpa


Roger is correct - although many news items were covered in detail, that magazine never carried a full feature article about SOTA during its short life. SWM, PW, RU, RA and Radcom have all had 2 or 3 each.

We are no nearer to 21 yet - and I thought that one was easy!

  1. M3EYP (13)
  2. G3CWI (9)
    3=) LA1TPA, M1MAJ (4)
    5=) M6HBS, OK9HAG, G4OWG (3)
    8=) G3OHC, G0AZS, M0DFA, G8ADD, MM3WJZ (2)
    13=) G0VOF, G6WRW, M0RCP, MM0TAI, HL4/W2VLA, F6ENO, G1INK (1)



In reply to G4OWG:

Re: Q21

Can they all be done without crossing a public road?


In reply to M0RCP and in very loud Homer Simpson bellow:


Just 18 hours and 44 minutes after setting the quiz, you’ve got 'em all folks. I guess it would have been even quicker had I released the questions at 8am this morning.

OK, will start to consider how I can make the 2012 SOTA Christmas Quiz a tougher challenge.

Final standings for the Christmas Quiz Bragging Rights:

  1. M3EYP (13)
  2. G3CWI (9)
    3=) LA1TPA, M1MAJ (4)
    5=) M6HBS, OK9HAG, G4OWG (3)
    8=) G3OHC, G0AZS, M0DFA, G8ADD, MM3WJZ, M0RCP (2)
    14=) G0VOF, G6WRW, MM0TAI, HL4/W2VLA, F6ENO, G1INK (1)

Respect due to LA1TPA and OK9HAG for a very fine effort in what was a “G-centric” quiz. Jimmy did quite well to amass the score he did, as he was late on parade having insisted on doing an M3 (A Level Maths Mechanics 3) past paper before going on his computer this morning! You folks will know next time that you need to get futher ahead of him while he is otherwise engaged.

73s and Merry Christmas everyone,



In reply to M1EYP:
Tom well done quizmaster ,kept me occupied all day checking the progress of the quiz.

And hats off to Jimmy, a superb performance!!



In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks Tom… but a suggestion for next time, please:

Put the answers in Post 2, not in Ppost 1, so late-comers can at least have a chance of testing their knowledge, without the answers being posted.

Best wishes


Good point Andrew. In fact, last time (2008), I think I just marked the questions in post 1 as “ANSWERED - G4OWG” or something like that, but left the answer in the post in the thread in which it arrived.

That’s probably a better way. And something else I need to do is have it all ready more in advance, and announce when the start time for the “race” will be!



In reply to M1EYP:

Not part of the quiz but I think that you intelligent chaps on here can answer this one.

Q. On Santa’s official Norad orbit on Christmas eve how many times will the ISS orbit intersect with Santa’s orbit.

David g6lkb


In reply to G6LKB:


In reply to M0LKB:

Sadly, despite a multitude of monitoring equipment(s) set up here, I think I missed Santa passing by. I did have a failure in one of my VHF array’s that could account for there being no valid reading being taken at my location.

I did have some odd blips in other parts of the spectrum though, so maybe he did pass by here?

Merry Christams & a Happy New Year!

Mark G0VOF


This old quiz from the past may give a flavour of the sort of questions we would like to include. I appreciate that many current SOTA participants were not around the last time we did a Christmas quiz. Seeing as we are asking for participant-contributed questions, it seems sensible to show the sort of thing we have in mind.

Note that in the example above, solutions were edited into the initial post as and when correct answers were received.

More contributed questions are needed. Please submit any to tommyread@hotmail.com


Scroll up to see some of the questions, answers, debate and banter from the 2010 Christmas quiz. Oh what fun we had.

The 2014 Christmas quiz will be published this coming weekend. There is still plenty of room for submitted questions, so feel free to send a question or three to tommyread@hotmail.com

Otherwise, the gaps will be filled in with questions written by me - you have been warned!

Seasons greetings,


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