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Scottish Borders visit


My money (if I were a betting man) would be on it being a Common Gull. The Herring Gull has a red mark on the lower beak and is a heavier built bird. I would still have my bitcoins on it being despatched by a Peregrin for the reasons noted previously. :wink:

P.S. Adrian you were wise not to approach the Sparrowhawk - I still have a scar where a Lanner Falcon that I owned had a go at me and they are less fearsome.


Thanks for the comments. I think we’ve concluded it was a peregrine killing a common gull and the remains were tidied up by a fox - after we had blundered through. An explanation for those who haven’t waded through the last 60 posts, we are commenting on a visit to Sighty Crag (G/SB-005) a fortnight ago when I was obviously more interested in the terrain than the radio as I omitted to comment on my contacts (don’t bother looking at my log - it’s a few weeks (months??) behind, sorry). Using a Yaesu VX-7 and sotabeam dipole as high as i could guy it (about 2m) the contacts were 2m fm - 4, 70cm fm - 1:
1221 2m fm M6OZJ James, Dudley, Newcastle
1224 2m fm GM8UPJ/M Dave near Lockerbie
1226 2m fm M3WLD Billy, Forest Ranger, Kielder South
1230 70cm fm M3WLD Billy, Forest Ranger, Kielder South
1242 2m fm 2E0CHP Mick Long Benton, Newcastle

My thanks to them all and I do realise I was extremely lucky to catch Billy, a South Kielder ranger who was listening to his radio while packing to go away. He was surprised to hear any activity of the 2m band, congratulated us on reaching Sighty Crag. and was happy to QSY to 70cm and thus double the number of 70cm contacts from that hill (was the previous one you Gerald, G4OIG?) After another 15 minutes of calling produced the vital 4th and nothing afterwards I decided it was time to go and take some photographs of M0JLA in his stone ‘nest’ and prepare for the trudge back to the fence corner. Luckily I was not aware of the (wo)mantrap which was awaiting me (see 33 and pictures 49 - if it is worth the effort!). Now, where is that log…?
73 Viki M6BWA


and thus double the number of 70cm contacts from
that hill (was the previous one you Gerald, G4OIG?)

You can see “All Activation History” for any summit by
starting from http://www.sotadata.org.uk and selecting
Summits->List of all Summits. Then select Association
and Region from pull-down menus at the top and click
the “History” link for the summit in the resulting table.

Here’s the data for Sighty Crag: it was indeed Gerald.

73, John M0VCM


Hmm, it made me refresh my memory… G0UWK is Ian in Kidsgrove and my log says he was using an HF dipole for his 70cm antenna. I’m not sure why he didn’t use his 10el 2m yagi.


Thank John, I’ve never seen this before as I look at the summit lists with https://www.sota.org.uk/Summit-Activations/G/SB-005 and that doesn’t offer a ‘history’ option - just some jolly bar charts which show that SB-005 was surprisingly popular in 2011. However the comments made must have been unfavourable as no-one visited the next year! I see that Gerald has now confirmed that he had the only previous 70cm contact (on ssb) some 11 years earlier. I can understand why Billy, the South Kielder ranger, keeps the radio tuned to 2m fm and not 70cm! Thanks to both of you.
73 Viki M6BWA


Me and my dad Tom M1EYP were 2 of these activators for Sighty Crag G/SB-005 back in 2011 and with it being such a long and tiring walk, we don’t have any intention of ever going back there, so doesn’t surprise me that there were no activations of this summit the following year in 2012.

Jimmy M0HGY


To paraphrase Obi-won “Use the database Luke”