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[POLL] Gaulfest?


I like the idea (especially the cake), and will try to take part if there is a gathering. It will be a busy time for me, though, as extended family are around during that week.



Well the top two contenders are Friday 28th and Saturday 29th - which suits me because they are the only ones I can now do! Plus Mr Bun is open. Any more votes please?

I’ll try to firm something up by the end of tomorrow (Boxing Day 26th).


“Gauloises” is the name of a very popular and foul-smelling type of French cigarette!
Perhaps a “Gaulfest” is a communal “smoke-in” attended by persons addicted to Gauloises cigarettes?

Walt (G3NYY)


Shall we say Friday 28th December 2018 then?


SOTA activation of the G/WB or GW/MW summit(s) of your choice, followed by a meet-up / social / coffee / cake at Mr Bun the Baker, Church Stretton - say 3pm?

Gaulfest #1 - 2003: