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Planning the next transatlantic S2S QSO party (2019)


Over a pint in one of the local hostelries this evening, I discussed some of the questions raised so far with Paul G4MD. The following proposal came into my mind - three S2S events for 2019 as follows:

  1. Spring event in late March at a weekend
  2. Summer event in mid July on a weekday
  3. Autumn event in early November at a weekend

As they say… discuss!

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


That to me sounds like a good idea.



I like the summer event but would vote to move the Spring event a couple of weeks later and the Autumn event a couple of weeks earlier due to weather concerns in the NE USA/Canada. It’s likely that the road to my usual summit will still be unpassable in late March.

73 Barry N1EU


I agree on Geralds proposal. In March there will be snow but the sun is warming in July we have plenty of daylight and in November we will not freeze our buts off.

73, Jaan SM0OEK


Hmm, not many opinion so far, but we have plenty of time to resolve dates for 2019.

I wonder whether there are alternative summits without late autumn / winter / early spring access issues. Maybe even it involves a little more travel? Besides, I would like to work you on a different summit. :wink:


I agree with Barry, most of our summits here in VE3 are not accessible until sometime in April and by November weather concerns are a pretty big concern, especially the freezing rain we get around then.

73, Bill VE3FI