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Fantastic Barry!

All the Best
Nick G4OOE


Congratulations Barry, must have been quite a walk in this weather!

Roger MW0IDX


In reply to 2E0XYL:
Well done Barry, you really deserve it, enjoy.
Cheers de M6BLV John


Congratulations Barry on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations Barry, you certainly earned those 13 points today!

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF


Many congratulations Barry on achieving MG, out in conditions that would put most people off! A true MG indeed and an achievement realised in a relatively small timespan. It is always a pleasure to work you on the summits and I hope to have many more contacts with you in the future.

73, Gerald G4OIG


Congratulations on achieving Goatdom Barry and many thanks for all the North Wales summits on 40m for those of us that cannot make it on 2m FM.

73 de Ken G3XQE


Congratulations Barry, good to work you whenever you are activating.
73 John M0JVW


Well done Barry .
Finished it off in style!
Sorry i missed your MG activation
Maybe i’ll catch you’r second
All the best


and Catrin


Barry, could you email me a suitable (hi-res if possible) photo of yourself, preferably on your MG activation, that I may use in publicity?

To: tommyread at hotmail dot com

Many thanks,



In reply to M6BWA:

Congratulations Barry,

Sorry I was unable to work you but getting a signal down here in Whitehaven is virtually impossible where I work.

Thanks for all of the summits and look forward to hearing you from amny more.




In reply to 2E0XYL:
Congratulations Barry…Fantastic to work you yesterday on the summit of Carnedd Llewelyn. A memorable activation.Hope you had a safe descent.Jolly good show.


Hello Barry,

Many, many thanks for all of your very nice comments and

All very well deserved.

Being restricted to NW summits through personal home circumstances,
the Goat has taken longer than I had hoped (2 Years).But, everything
worthwhile is worth waiting for!
Thanks to all chasers - as has been said many times the Sota programme
would not work without you.

Yes difficult circumstances but good home support. My 2/70 handie won’t reach NW land but look forward to working you on HF soon Barry. Glad to see you have some form of internet connection now :sunglasses:

What next? Well I have been working hard on my CW. So, the next
challenge is
my first morse activation very soon - be kind!!

Well if I tried to work you on CW you would fall asleep and get hypothermia waiting for me!

Mike G6TUH


In reply to MW6BDV:
Congratulations Barry on reaching Goatdom in true MW0 International Mountain Leader style! That sounds like a tough one in full winter conditions. Which route did you use?
If I climb Carnedd Llywellyn again I’ll climb up Craig Llugwy to avoid getting stuck on Craig yr Ysfa like last time! Craig Llugwy offered a gentle descent along a pleasant grassy flank on my way down to Ffynnon Llugwy reservoir in October.

73 es sd
David M0YDH

ps time to change the callsign in your SOTAWatch account ? You’ll get loads of red 1’s in your summits activated column!


In reply to MW6BDV:

Create a new SOTAwatch account with the new callsign. Stop using the old account with the old callsign. That’s all you need to do.

However, you can let Jon know you no longer need the old account if you want. email Jon GM4ZFZ, links on SOTAwatch pages or on the contact pages of www.sota.org.uk



In reply to M0YDH:

For a wimp’s approach to C Llewelyn, I’ve parked at SH732663 (Room for a dozen cars, but fills up quickly in summer. Several gates on the road up from Tal-y-bont, and be prepared for some reversing). Two alternatives from here:
a) Continue SW along (initialy) a good track passing the end of the now disused reservoir, deteriorating into a rough track and then path into Cwm Eigiau. From about SH 703636 head N up a path-less, wet slog up to the ridge and a path NW to Foel Grach.
b) From the car park cross the boundary and head NE, N and E along a track up Clogwyn Maldy to Melynllyn. At a gate about SH 719668 leave the track S to a fence route along the ridge of Cefn Tal-llyn-Eigiau to find the path
which follows the high ground SW, W and eventually NW to Foel Grach. The level area around SH715650 can be wet in places.
From Foel Grach, there is a bouldery path S to C Llewelyn

IMHO, the latter is the easier route, but both are walkers’ rather than scramblers’ routes.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN


In reply to MW6BDV:

Hi Barry,

Looking forward to hearing you on CW.




In reply to MW0IML

Well done Barry!

Thanks for the many S2S we have had and of course being so active on 23cm!!! It is good to know that I am not alone on the microwaves!


Matt G8XYJ


In reply to M0DFA:

I prefer to start from the Bethesda waterworks with three options depending on my mood and the conditions: the Foel Ganol ridge to Yr Elen, the Mynydd Du ridge to Carnedd Dafydd, or the he-man’s route, straight up the valley to the Black Ladders (Ysgolion Duon) and up the Eastern Gully with the option of a traverse onto the Eastern Ridge.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8XYJ:

It is good to know that I am not alone on the microwaves!

Yes, apologies for not being active recently. I do carry 23cms on the trips up to GM/SS, but it is hard enough to get contacts on 70cms let alone 23cm up there.

73, Gerald G8CXK