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Looking for NiMH AA cell recommendations


My Duracell AA cells get quite hot in my Annsmann charger, but I think it is quite normal. My Vapex 10AH D cells get really hot… sometimes too hot to handle comfortably. The charge rate is 600mAH and they take 20 hours to charge. :grinning:


For charging, discharging and refreshing my Eneloops I use a Kraftmax BC-4000 Pro and I am highly pleased with both of them. The Eneloops get only a little bit warm (charge current 200 mA).

73, Alfred, OE5AKM


After reading this: https://gizmodo.com/are-ikeas-7-rechargeable-batteries-actually-pricey-ene-1823204061 and watching few youtube movies I decided to buy LADDA’s from IKEA. I’ve been using them since early 2018, tested them after few charge cycles and they were better than the specs says so i think its a good option to give it a try.

73’s Darek LB1DH & SQ9X

PS. I also got this charger from IKEA its very small and can be used with standard USB Cellphone charger, perfect for abroad trips.


I use these in my FT-817 and my Garmin GPS. Very reliable and cost effective.


I haven’t used AA Ni-Mh’s for SOTA or anything else for several years now but when I did the self-discharge rate was 0.5% per day. That was measured simply by charging and capacity testing directly after charging, then after various resting intervals. These were ‘Powertech’ 2,700’s bought from Strikalite. Knowing the self-discharge rate (which I thought surprisingly high) enabled the application of the correct amount of ‘tickling up’ required directly before a SOTA expedition.

The longest living AA’s I had were Saft Ni-Cad 500’s bought about 1983. The last two or three of a batch of 20 lasted until approx. 2005.

I have been using AAA Alkaline for GPS use for many years now because they reduce the workload of preparation and spare cells can be left in a pocket or rucksack for longer periods.

Thanks for the recommendations on this useful thread. If I ever need any more rechargeable cells they will be Eneloop; a make I’d never heard of until now.
John G4YSS