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Looking for lightweight 2m beam recomendations, what are you using?


Another option especially if you want to do 2m SSB is a loop like this one from M2 Antenna (California) that can be stacked for even better performance.

And mine in my garage…


M2 makes superior antennas, call it opinion or fact but it is what I have found to be true. However, when I was looking for a loop to have omni capability I stumbled on EFactor, a much simpler design as it is directly fed and built for the SSB sub portions of the band. I bought their 2M/70CM model and it performs quite well. They also sell 2M only and stacked 2M.



Hi Paul,
In it’s single loop configuration, that’s a Squallo (square Halo) that we used to use for 2m mobile AM communications 40 years ago in the UK. Some old design. Worked well then, so why not still now? Phasing two vertically looks like a nice idea but I’d probably rather move up to a 2m Moxon instead.

73 Ed.


I have that antenna in the Cellar. I used it for a while 4 years ago to monitor for Satellites.



Yes, and light as can be. Covers FM & SSB frequencies.


It would seem that a directional antenna on VHF has a huge gain advantage over omnis. But recently on the VHF contesting list there was a good discussion about 6m omni antennas vs yagis for rover activity. Some very experienced and credible operators reported doing careful comparisons between the two configurations and concluded that getting an omni antenna up high was superior to a yagi at a compromised height. (Basically, the yagi does not perform that well close to the ground, which is often typical of rover installations.) Of course, 6m wavelengths are longer than 2m, so the effect is more pronounced for a given physical distance.

I have to admit that I’ve been lax about 2m yagi antenna height for SOTA. Often, I’ll just operate handheld or slightly higher. Has anyone done a careful comparison of 2m yagi performance vs height above average terrain in a SOTA context?

73, Bob K0NR


Hi Bob,

I think you are correct about the height above ground being important - complicated a little by the shape of summit eg a “pointy rock” summit will help.

I have spent some time playing with a simple vertical antenna on 2m (wire Jpole made from 300 ohm twin).
Normally this is supported with the top of the radiator at 5m, but I have completed a few QSOs by holding the base of the pole as high as possible off the ground, eg raising the radiator by a further 2m. Without the raising, the calling stations were too noisy to copy. Typically I have done this on essentially flat topped hills, on several occasions.

Did you catch any of them sneaking into your cellar? :smile:



In few 144mhz activation, I use Hentenna.
It’s very easy to build and has decent performance.



Hi Neil

This afternnon I finished constructing a 2m 4el DL6WU lightweight yagi for my SOTA kit. I frequently call on 144.200 SSB and 146.500 FM. VK1 is fortunate to have a commercial aircraft route overhead which offers opportunities for aircraft enhancement.

73 Andrew VK1AD


I use this backpack antenna for 7 years. - folded 54 cm. With FT-817 for both FM and SSB.
Now I have 3111 p.

Antenna OK1CDJ