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KX2 repaired / 5mhz


A search of my log reveals that I have worked 329 different German stations on 60m, including one portable station, but not including DL1CR.
Walt (G3NYY)


Hi Adrian

No drift today. Changed up/down to PTT in the menu (Mic) so unable to use the up/down buttons on the MH3…never used them anyway. Hope this helps

73 Allan GW4VPX


Yeah that’s a nice easy mod, will try it out too. I have the MH3 and have never used UP\DOWN either :joy:


Yeah that setting change worked fine, no drift.
Radio repair seems to have worked when out yesterday, two U.S contacts straight off the bat on 14Mhz, so quite pleased. And also a success on 5mhz with 4 contacts there on 5.3985. Did intend to start on 5.3715 but there was some high pitched noise there that I didn’t want to compete with.


Hi Adrian

Great, glad it solved the problem. Not around yesterday to get you but pleased you had a good activation.

73 Allan GW4VPX