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Higher HF bands


20m seemed good today. Using a shortened vertical on a 5m pole, N1GB was ear shatteringly loud… but he always is! Every one else in Europe was loud. And I have no idea what propagation made David G0EVV 599+++ from only 104km away on SB-007. Anyway I tried 17m. Despite spotting myself, nobody was interested in a CW chase. I plugged in the mic and tuned about. I heard SV5 x2, SV9, EA8, IK2, 5B4, EA5, all were 59+ stations. EA5IKJ in Valencia was working JAs at about 1400Z. I was able to have an easy QSO with SV5/OH2LZC/p. He was 59 using 100W to an EndFed and gave me 55/56 for my 4.5W into my vertical.

Looks like 17m is viable some of the time. Just need more SOTA activators and chasers to try it.


I use 17 m essentially all of the time because I’m usually with a buddy who wishes to use 20m and we want to avoid QRM. It’s not always open, and a bit noisey as of late, but seems to work reasonably well for NA contacts, despite the lower number of listeners. Good refuge from contest weekends on 20m.


Who is that selfish buddy of yours who is hogging 20m?
Oops, that would be me!
I thought you were really hauling in the contacts on 17m.

I’ll bring another couple of antenna wires on Sunday when we head out to try and get some S2S with the Arizona extravaganza that is happening.



yesterday 23/09/18, i had 5 QSO in few minuts on 18.086Mhz
SP,DL,F sigs were good.
Lets try again.