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GPX Route Import Alert


I have tried on numerous occasions to register with the mapping pages but verification email hasn’t arrived! I have it logged now with “contact sotamaps”. I have lots of tracks for NI that I want to upload but haven’t been able to.


Esther @GI0AZA , I’ve sent you a PM with a registration link.

Everybody: we’ve been having problems recently with our sotamaps email server and, since this morning, it should now be working OK again. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.



I’ve also sent a PM to Nick @G4OOE with a registration link.



Got your test email at 06:49 this morning plus five missing requests - all arrived in Spam box.
Couldn’t confirm via email as requested as it was returned by mail service - not enough postage.



Ahh, that’s interesting! I would have thought they would just have disappeared, but there you go. You can safely delete those emails.

Andrew VK3ARR updated a setting on the sotamaps server which appears to have done the trick - hopefully future registrations should run OK :crossed_fingers:



When i clicked on it - it just said confirmation link not valid!



That’s because the link contained a key from a previous attempt of yours to register, and then you tried again to register, thus making that key invalid. I’ve sent you another link containing the key from your latest registration attempt: please don’t try to register again - just click on the link which i sent you in the PM.


There were a lot of emails from the previous attempts that suddenly appeared as well - was a bit confusing but got registered on the last PM link
Thanks Rob


Emails will have date and times. There will be a time/date when you received the email and typically, but not always, you receive bursts of emails like these in the order they were sent. In the email header, which most people have switched off, there is the time the email was sent in the list of all the mail servers the email passed through on the way to you.

All of this depends on you using a real email client, i.e. one that works and follows the standards and that means it probably does not have “live” “outlook” “24” or “pro” in its name and that you manage and maintain your inbox(es) and email folders in some kind of logical and organised way. There is no compulsion to do this other than making life easy for yourself.





OMG - emails have dates and times and OMG I did click on the last one Andy!!!


The last one isn’t necessarily the last one sent as explained.