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Going SOTA /P with WSJT-X


It was a good E’s opening with signals across CW and SSB. I did manage to copy you intermittently and therefore I am now the top Data SWL in England (3rd Worldwide) :wink:

FT8 is a good trade off mode between weak signals and fast transmission times (saving battery power when portable) , although I still prefer the now little used JT9.



Give me a call next time Ian, if only to speed my QSO rate up a bit - it needs it!


I would have called yesterday, but your signal was up and down with me. Sometimes -03db and next slot -17db and then nothing for 5 or 10 mins, rinse and repeat. If I’m in the shack, I’ll certainly keep a lcd screen out for you.


Lots of activity across UK and Europe on 6m FT8 right now. Rather good fun this!


Having another go around 1200z today. Anyone want to try a 6m FT8 S2S?


Cant give you an S2S (portable ops on 6m is not allowed in Germany) but I’ll give a listen from the home station.

73 Ed.


Be nearer 1300z now.