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G/SP-004, Kite Antenna Activation


In reply to 2E0YYY:

Hi Erik. After our contact, I listened to you for a while. Strangely
enough after about 10 minutes, your signal into the UK was much
stronger than when we worked. What were your working conditions? I was
running 40 Watts from a 22Ah golf cart SLAB and an FT-857.

GM7UAU gave med a second signalrep 7min after the first QSO with him, The first was 4-4, but after 7min it was 5-8.
I was running 20w from a 10ah homemade NiMh pack (11 d-cells), and a FT-857. The antenna was a 40m dipole, aprox 6 meters above ground, tuned with a Elecraft T-1 tuner (next time ill bring the LDG, so Im not limited to 20w).