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DeLorme inReach


Reference David, AE9Q’s question above:

The review is at this link:

Then look for “Mike” on February 26, 2013 under the 5 star ratings.

I have the older little black InReach unit with no screen, just use it through my iPhone or with the message button on the unit. You have three canned message options from the unit, but can edit them online, as well as to who each of the three messages goes to. Can also have other canned messages on your iPhone (or Android, (but the iPhone and Android unit versions are different) as well as just typing in a custom message from your phone to an email address or phone number as a text. Great thing is you can get a reply back from who you send messages to. It’s not immediate, you may have to wait a few minutes until a satellite comes over (especially in a deep valley), but mine’s always worked.

Do want to mention again that the unit works great for what I use it for, but look it over close before plunking money down to make sure it matches your own needs. I’ll also answer offline if anyone has any specific questions.


Mike, N4VBV


Thanks Mike.
I think the direct link is this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/cr/rR1VAWDZ808OOOD/ref=aw_cr_i_5

Certainly food for thought.
I’ll continue researching while I save the pennies…


Gerald, yes a bit of topic… thanks for the info, specially the registration process bit…
73 Angel


FYI for those who may be contemplating purchase, there are currently some rebates available: